Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Good morning!

I've been loving oatmeal lately. And my husband and I have been watching House of Cards. We finished the season last night while I was foam rolling. Anyone else watch it? I found it to be very intriguing. And it's got Jenny from Forest Gump.

How’s your week been?  So far mine has gone by quite quick – busy week!  So tomorrow I start PT and I’m very excited.  I feel like I’m very attuned to any tightness in my knees right now.  It’s not like I’ve been 100% pain free this whole marathon training journey.  After my first half marathon during this training program, I definitely was sore the next day, and as the long runs continued each weekend I felt less and less sore after each run.  I now have not run for 10 days and that’s a longggg time for me.  How I’ve been mentally?  Pretty good.  I try not to dwell on it, but oh I cannot tell you how badly I want to get out there and RUN.

So what have I been doing?  Well, I took off the first six days.  After my 18 miler (two Monday’s ago) I was in rough shape – well my left knee was.  The only thing I did for the six days was foam rolling, icing and stretching.  This week I’ve gone on the elliptical twice - Monday (30 minutes) and Wednesday (20 minutes) - and this morning I did Tracy Anderson’s mat video.  Man I need to do her workouts more!  I just went on YouTube and did a legs and abs video and I was feeling the burn like crazy.  I think I’ll go to Target and purchase the whole video so I don’t have to look for segments on YouTube, but it’s good to know that it certainly is a good workout.  Best part is I rolled out of bed, put on my sneakers, grabbed my mat and was ready to go.  Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Have you been experiencing crazy weather this week as well?  So Sunday was a fall like day so I made a huge batch of chili (adding daiya on top!).  And then Tuesday and Wednesday were 90 degree days and tomorrow is supposed to be back in the 50’s.  Weird weather.  I would just prefer it become fall – I want cool air and hot lattes!

This weekend we have no official plans.  I’d like to cook, maybe a run (we’ll see how it goes in PT tomorrow), but if not a run then definitely more Tracy Anderson video workouts and maybe some biking.  I want to give the pups extra attention this weekend too because I’ve been getting to work early the last few days and not getting to spend time walking them.  Maybe there’s a good movie out too.

What’s your favorite workout video?  Any weekend plans?


  1. That is exactly how our weather was here! Sunday was beautiful and Monday was nice too! Then Tuesday and Wednesday were in the 90's and I was DYING! Next week it is supposed to get back in the 50's and even have lows in the 40's!! I have no idea what is going on with this crazy weather!

    No weekend plans as of yet, may spend some time with friends and of course Running! :)

  2. I think we're having the same weather as you (we don't live that far away!) and it's really throwing me off. I baked pumpkin donuts and made soup (thanks for sharing!!!) this past weekend but now it's sweltering. I think it's supposed to cool off this weekend :)

    Some of my fav workout videos include Insanity (wouldn't do with IT band stuff cause it requires a lot of jumping), blogilates, tone it up and ZWOW workouts

    1. Yeah those pumpkin donuts look incredibly amazing!!! I've adding them to my list of must-make-during-fall haha! Thanks for the tip on workout videos!

  3. Such strange weather here too. Awesome 80's weather for a day, then back to 100...Why?! I want to start wearing cute boots again ;)
    I agree with the comment above, ZWOW workouts are short but tough!