Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Spirit

Happy Friday!

I am so ridiculously happy that it’s Friday with a three day weekend.  I so need it.  And Monday is my appointment with the Macrobiotic Counselor so that is probably the next thing I’ll be sharing with you.  YAY!

I’m still getting over being sick.  I know it’s been two weeks.  But I found a new doctor this week after getting ridiculously frustrated with my last doctor because when I went in for an appointment she literally did not even spend a moment trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  She asked me a few questions and was just like here I’ll give you more medicine.  I have a big problem with that.  Especially because I’m of the opinion that if medicine is not necessary, I absolutely do not want to be taking it just because maybe I need it.  A coworker recommended a doctor to me and she was so fantastic.  She did chest x-rays because I still have this lingering cough.  Come to find out (2 weeks after I originally got sick) that I had walking pneumonia.  I told her I was feeling way better and she told me that my x-rays will still show something for a month even after the infection is gone.  That being said, this will be another weekend of pure relaxation.   It’s totally a bummer to be sick especially because I’ve been feeling so fantastic for so long, but that’s the way it goes.  I really am feeling so much better, but just not quite yet up to typical me.

Isn’t this picture of Jax spooky?  I think it just screams Halloween!  My husband and I watched a Halloween rerun of Two and a Half Men last night.  Perfect Halloween episode and so funny.  Do you ever watch that show?  I was really feeling the Halloween spirit when I got dressed this morning; therefore, black and orange it is.  Oh and some super fun tights.  I love tights with skirts and dresses for work.  I work at a law firm so it’s pretty conservative, but I can still have some fun with my tights.  Ann Taylor Loft sells my favorite ones and I make a point to stock up each year on Black Friday.

Are you sick of my dog pictures yet?  I know I post a lot of them, but they are just so cute and they pose so well.  I just had to get a picture of them out front this morning.

I hope you had a good week and you too have a long weekend ahead of you!

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?  I was a panda bear for like three + years in a row when I was little.  I really liked pandas haha =)


  1. Walking pneumonia is the WORST! I'm so sorry it took so long to diagnose it! Glad you found a good doctor though.

    This is ridiculous but my favourite halloween costume growing up was a tree costume my Mom made! I wore it for like 6 years in a row. It also doesn't look anything like a tree...probably having to do with the fact that my mom has ZERO DIY skills! Happy Friday love :)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't started feeling better yet. I think it's wonderful that you decided to switch doctors & you feel comfortable w/ her. It's such a shame that your previous one only wanted to throw medicine at you & not fix what the true problem was.

    Have a fantastic week, sweetie!