Monday, October 14, 2013

My Meeting with a Macrobiotic Counselor

Ok, so I have so much to share with you about my meeting with a Macrobiotic Counselor today, but at the same time I'm still processing and letting all the wonderfulness set in.  I think the best way to start out to is just to give you a few words to describe my experience - relaxing, peaceful, beautiful, inspiring, exciting, life-changing - and then show you some pictures...
My husband and I got on the road at 8am because we had about an hour drive through the country for our 9am appointment, which we drove up to this view...
The Macrobiotic Counselor was smiling waiting at the door and we were immediately offered our first dish upon entering her comforting kitchen.  The food was so tasty and I'm so excited to replicate it.  My favorite dish was baked squash stuff with chopped apple inside and seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Oh my gosh.  I hardly ever eat squash and I fell in love.  It was like dessert.  And I found out desserts are not prohibited.  It's about moderation and taking in the right ingredients.  For example, maple syrup every day is really not a good thing for me.  I'm sensitive to such extremes like this so I need to take note of that.  I didn't take any pictures of the food because I wanted to stay present in the moment and enjoy every bit of knowledge I could.
We started out with a relaxing drink made with water, ounce of pear juice, and a drop of Pure Tranquility Liquid.  It's meant to be sipped throughout the day and is calming.  Two hours later we ended  the session with kukicha tea.  Glorious.
There are so many details that happened in between.  My husband and I each talked about our personal concerns and things we wanted to address in our bodies. I talked about how I get headaches and have sinus issues.  Also, I have a coffee obsession and love my sweets so we talked about that.  Basically with my diet I will be getting back to basics - whole grains (especially brown rice), miso soup daily (magical food), lots of vegetables (avoiding nightshade vegetables), avoiding raw salads (for now), cooked fruit (with kantan), moderate salt.  I'm not sharing specifically what enzymes I'll be taking as well because everyone is different and this was just my personal experience (and I'm in no way qualified to solicit such information).  So that's my new focus and after eating incredible food all morning I feel invigorated! 
We went shopping after just to pick up some necessities to get the ball rolling...  I will continue to share these food items as they come in the mail.  I ordered Miso, Umeboshi plums, whole oats, and a few other things online from the Kushi Store.  Fantastic because these amazing things will just be arriving at my door...
I have so much more to share, but I need to dive in a bit deeper to give you a more thoughtful post.  And of course I will be recipe sharing!  Up next:  Miso Soup tomorrow morning.  I'm soaking my brown rice as we speak (overnight 24 hours) in lemon juice and then I'll cook it on the stove tomorrow morning.  One step at a time.
I hope you had an amazing weekend and I'll be sharing much more soon =)
Also, I met with a Macrobiotic Counselor in Central New York.  If you are around this area and want a recommendation I would love to tell you more about her.  Feel free to email me at
Have you ever heard of miso/kuzu root/umeboshi plums/kukicha tea/night shade vegetables?  These are all just a few things I'll be exploring...


  1. Can't wait to learn more!!! I love miso. It tastes great mixed with lemon juice and sweet potatoes :)

  2. I have been excited to see how this visit went. Can't wait ti hear more. I want to read up a bit on it. What book do you recommend for a newby?

    1. I think it would really interest you. I would recommend The Milf Diet by Jessica Porter or The Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone (her Superhero section is essentially Macrobiotics). I'm sure the library has them or if you have the Nook app I bought them there too for a bit cheaper. There's also books that go into way more detail. Oh also The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics is older, but a good one too! :)

  3. Cool thanks, right after i finish reading Abe Lincoln Vampire slayer I'll move onto one of these... My nook book collection is so random.