Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Monday and Quick Updates


It was such a Monday morning.  I didn't crawl out of bed until past 6:30AM which is late for me on a work day.  Especially late because I wanted to jump on the elliptical before work.  That did not happen, but I did get a 20 minute power walk with the pups, so that was good.  Fresh air needed to wake me up!  And I always feel much more ready for the day after getting outdoors.

Our house is still in construction mode, but we are getting closer.  Hoping the kitchen floor goes in this week and the bathroom is completed.  That would be especially fantastic since next weekend we will be celebrating (hopefully at our house) my birthday!  Friday is my birthday and I'm taking off work this year.  There is a vegan cafe that has lots of pizza options on Friday, so I'm thinking we might go there... 27 here I come!

I also want to make LOTS of vegan cupcakes.  I'll definitely be sharing pictures.  I also received a vegan pie cookbook for Christmas and I was thinking I might have to just make a pie as well.  Gotta live it up, right?!

Other news:  I start my Macrobiotic Counselor Courses on Wednesday!  I can't believe the time is already here.  I'm very excited and I know it's going to keep me quite busy over the next year with working full-time at the same time, but really I like being busy and I'm excited to begin this journey.

So that being said, you might hear from me less, but maybe I'll be blogging more because I'll be so excited to share everything I'm learning.  I'm still here though and Love A Latte isn't going anywhere.

 How was your weekend?  Mine was filled with some shopping - my husband got new boots thanks to a Christmas giftcard, lentil stew making, brownie sundae enjoying on Saturday night, and time with my family.  Jax has taken to wanting to sleep on our bed all the time lately.  I kind of wonder if it's because sometimes Lincoln steals his bed on the floor, but regardless Jax is like a little heater when he sleeps next to you.  Our furry angel for sure. 

I hope all is well in your world.  Tell me something about your life lately!

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