Monday, February 24, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 12 Weeks

I wrote this post on January 28, 2014 - 12 Weeks Tomorrow

I skipped over posting about 11 weeks because life just got crazy busy, but lots of good has happened since my 10 week update.  All of our house work is officially complete!  We also finally put the shelving in our master closet (with great help from my dad) which is life changing.  Clothes have been in bags and scattered amongst different closets in the house the last 10 months that we’ve been at our house.  It’s about time we got that master closet set up.  It’s awesome.  And even better, now the closet is empty in the baby’s room.  The baby’s room is not cleared out completely yet though.  We still need to move the desk/computer and bookcase.  All in good time.

But since my last update we have told all of our family!  YAY!  I was so happy to finally share the happy news.  And what a fun experience.  Although I was really nervous at first – not sure why.  We shared at 11 weeks – couldn’t hold onto this wonderful secret any longer!  Also, I have since told my best friend and people at work.  It is very nice to have people know now and share in this exciting time.  Also, they’ll just understand at work now when I’m not wearing as many pencil skirts, but instead more leggings and flowy dresses and tops.
Also, I had an appointment at 11 weeks where I learned that I had gained 1.5 pounds.  By the way I was feeling, I wasn’t going to be surprised if she told me way more than that because I just felt so bloated.  It was such happiness to hear the baby’s heartbeat again.  I wish I could hear it every week!

Over the weekend, my Mom took me shopping for a few maternity clothes at Target.  I don’t really need maternity clothes yet, but they are just so much more comfortable.  I love that all the tops are so long even though right now they stretch halfway to my knees, I know that will change eventually.  I should have been wearing maternity tank tops all my life!  I’m always looking for long shirts because it’s just my style.  Love the leggings with long shirt look and now I know where they all exist – maternity clothes!  Also, I got a pair of black maternity work pants just because I know I will be needing those in the near future and they were such a good deal at Target.

How am I feeling?  I still am ready for bed by like 7:30PM at night, but I generally make it til 9PM.  Also, a few times last week I woke up at 4AM ready for the day.  I didn’t let myself get out of bed though and just went on Pinterest.  If I’m pinning at odd times, you know why.  The fatigue isn’t horrible, but it’s there.  Nothing I can’t work through though.  The nausea comes and goes, but it hasn’t been anything really bad lately.  I just know to snack.  Sprouted wheat toast with earth balance is heaven to me.  And so is Cheerios with a banana and almond milk.  Now you know why I haven’t been posting recipes.  Also, I have no shame in eating my leftover quesadillas (made with rice, black beans, and daiya) at 9AM as my second breakfast.  I find that if I eat breakfast at home at 7AM, by 9AM I am ravenous for something substantial.  Normally that ends up being a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, but today quesadillas did the trick!

My next appointment is at 16 weeks and I think that’s when I’ll share the news on my blog.  It’s so hard not to post about it, but I want to wait just a bit longer.  It’s so great to have shared our news with family though!  

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