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Pregnancy Journey - 15 Weeks

I wrote this post on February 18, 2014 - 15 Weeks Pregnant

There's a bump there!
Today I am 15 weeks pregnant!  

 Yesterday I had my doctor’s appointment and we heard the baby’s heartbeat.  I really wish I could do that at least once a week.  It’s the best.  I also learned that I gained 4 pounds since my last appointment (5.5 total).  Wowzers!  I definitely am starting to feel pregnant.  My body is totally changing before my eyes.  Sometimes I feel like my stomach really sticks out and other moments it doesn’t seem like it is at all.  But my midsection is certainly softer than it used to be.  When I’m laying on my back and put my hands on my stomach, I definitely feel the difference.  After all, the baby is the size of a navel orange now!

Valentine's Day fruit = heaven.
So how do I feel?  I am tired right now and I’ve had a headache for the last 48 hours.  Nothing that makes it so I can’t function, but it’s uncomfortable.  I  know headaches are common in pregnancy, but I’m hoping with healthy eating and lots of water it fades very soon.

Had the BEST veggie burger on Valentine's Day from Cheesecake Factory. 
 Also, when I was changing my shirt for bed last night I suddenly felt a twinge of pain on my right lower rib area.  Almost as if I had pulled a muscle.  It was very strange.  I laid on my back on my bed immediately and stretched, but there definitely was some pain if I touched that spot.  Today I have felt like my midsection is just stretching.

But I’m so happy to be at 15 weeks!  I’m officially into maternity pants (also known as leggings) on a daily basis.  I don’t think I’ll be bothering to try to fit into my normal pants anymore as I know they just won’t be comfortable.

Tested out chairs for the nursery over the weekend!
 Food talk:  I haven’t had as crazy strong of an appetite.  I definitely get hungry every two hours and need to eat something, but I’m not as ravenous.  I find I just really need to eat more frequently.  Also, I’m craving healthier foods now.  I really don’t have much of a sweet tooth right now.  What I want is real food.  Today I had whole wheat toast with peanut butter for breakfast.  My morning snack was crackers with hummus and an apple.  Lunch will be vegetable barley soup and a spinach salad with almonds and raisins, and I’m not sure about dinner yet.

I really need more sleep.  Getting up for work was tough this morning.  But it was the first day back after a long weekend.  Overall, I am really noticing my body changing now.  It definitely does not look the way it did 15 weeks ago.  I’m so excited about our baby growing inside me and I'm embracing the changes in my body taking place.

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  1. Hi Lauren! How fun for you to start to shop for baby things and to hear the heartbeat! I'm glad your appetite seems to be pretty good. Enjoy your pregnancy journey!