Monday, March 3, 2014

Pancakes Start the Day Right

Hey there!

I have successfully managed to not leave the house today.  It being Sunday, there are plenty of things I could have done.  Grocery shopping is on that list.  However, my husband and I discovered that there actually was food in the house and we were even more inspired to find it because we didn't want to go out in the cold.  Turns out when it seems the fridge and cupboards are empty, there just might be more there than you think.

For example, I had all the makings for these beautiful pancakes this morning.

Have you heard of the book, Isa Does It:  Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week?  Even if you don't follow a vegan diet, this book is beautiful and truly every recipes looks incredible.  I received the book for Christmas and I'm just beginning to dive in!  These pancakes were amazing - puffy and pillowy as promised. 

The picture from the book was not deceiving.  They were that good.  I'll share the recipe at some point, but really I would go out and buy this book!

I've been under the weather the last week.  Last Tuesday I came down with a head cold, started out as just a little sore throat, and it's taken me this long to jump back.  I had to take two sicks days from work last week because I really wanted to be kind to myself.  Especially now that I'm pregnant, I didn't want to take any changes with pushing myself too far.  I'm really hoping tomorrow I will wake up feeling even better than today.

Jax was kind enough to bum around with my last week though while I finally went through almost all my Vegan/Macrobiotic cookbooks and decided on recipes I want to make.  Meal planning needs a makeover.  I want some fresh meals.  My husband and are making a point to eat cleaner and new recipes are always wonderfully inspiring for that.

Today, I also did some Macrobiotic studying.  It was all about digestion!  I saw the difference between how our body reacts to a piece of bread vs. steak vs. vegetables.  I kind of felt like I was back in science class in middle school only this time I was really interested because it means so much more to me now.  

Also, since we made a point not to leave the house, we watched lots of True Detective.  Candles lit, blinds down, it was like an at home movie theater.  It's a show on HBO.  Have you seen it?  I can't decide whether I like it or not, but regardless it's intriguing so I haven't stopped watching.

Right before bed, I put oats in a pot to soak for morning porridge.  Have you tried whole oat groats?  They are fantastic.  Absolutely inspired by my Macrobiotic studying...

I hope you have a nice week!  It's going to be a chilly one here.

How was your weekend?


  1. I usually push out grocery shopping by a day or two every week because I know I'll find something tasty to make if I'm hungry and have nothing planned. I think it saves a little bit of money and keeps me from hoarding ingredients ;-) Sorry you're feeling sick! Best to stay home and feel better, I think.

  2. I waste a lot of food in my house by over food shopping. I get recipe ADD sometimes lol. I usually have plenty of good stuff to cook at home. I play clean out the fridge on rainy weekends. I was really tired all weekend. Jet lag is killing me... My body still thinks I'm in Sochi :(

  3. If I have my cookbooks, pancakes, great music and candles, there is absolutely no reason for me to leave the house! I had a great weekend with some major chilling! Glad you did too :)

  4. I LOVE that book with a passion. And those pancakes are soo good - and surprisingly really filling I found!! I'm glad I got the book for Christmas too!! I've never tried whole oat groats before though. They sure sound interesting!