Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 17 Weeks


I am all caught up on my pregnancy journey.  If you missed any past updates, here they areToday I am 17 weeks (plus 2 days)!  For now on I will post one weekly update.

17 weeks came quick!  I think that's because last week was kind of a big blur with having a head cold and taking a few sick days from work.  Last weekend was pure relaxation.  I really took some serious downtime knowing I needed to get healthy and back to work this week.

Getting ready for work at 17 weeks!
 And I'm feeling much better! I still have some congestion, but I know that's a common symptom in pregnancy as well, so maybe it's not completely from having a cold.  Sleep has been better; although, I have been going to bed a little bit later.  I haven't been really all that tired so falling asleep immediately doesn't always happen.  I think I've been sleeping by 10:30pm though and and up around 6:30AM, so that's a solid 8 hours at least.  I'm going to try to get more sleep though.

That wonderful salad with butternut squash soup
 I've been eating more grains, fruits, and veggies - yum!  I was craving a salad at lunch yesterday.  The thought of field greens with balsamic dressing just sounded fantastic, and it tasted that wonderful too.  I made these peanut butter cups on Monday night.  HUGE HIT.  I love that they don't use white sugar and of course that they are vegan.

Eats from the week:  Soba noodles with broccoli in peanut sauce, butternut squash soup, millet porridge, whole oat groats, and whole wheat pasta with faux meat crumbles in a squash/pumpkin tomato sauce...
 It's been brutally cold here so I've been staying indoors.  I really haven't been that active in the last week between my head cold and the freezing cold.  I'm getting very excited for Spring weather!

I ordered some maternity clothes online last week while I was stuck in bed resting.  UPS confirmed that the package was delivered, but I didn't see it yesterday.  I hope it's not stuck in the snow somewhere.

(Update:  My husband found the package by our garage yesterday.  The clothes I ordered from Destination Maternity are fantastic.  Now I'm not a big Jessica Simpson fan, but her line of maternity clothes rock!  I ordered three pairs of pants for work and they are so cute.  They are all skinny pant style - two black and one purple.  They are very flattering and have the belly support for my midsection.)

Overall, its been a nice week.  My crazy cold has lifted which has greatly lifted my spirits.  There's been a few times where I've wondered if I've felt the baby, but since I don't know what that feels like it's a major guess.  I've heard it feels like butterflies.  I think I just really want to feel it, so I think I might have, but again it could be my imagination.

My husband says I have a tiny bump now that he can notice.  I wonder how long it will be until people really notice that I'm pregnant though.

My next appointment is at the end of this month and we're hoping to find out the sex of the baby then!  I'm so excited, I can hardly wait!


  1. This is the first time I've looked and though "Wow, she looks pregnant!" in that first photo. I think people will definitely starting noticing soon

  2. You look great! I'm glad were all caught up on your journey! Have you started running again? Or are yo ujust walking the dogs?

    1. I have not started runny sadly. I don't have a treadmill and it's been crazy cold/snowy out so it's been tough. I definitely miss it, but hopefully soon!!!