Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 16 Weeks

I wrote this post on February 26, 2014 - 16 weeks (plus 1 day) Pregnant


Hi there!

 16 weeks - 4 MONTHS!  Wow, that's awesome.  I feel and look pregnant now.  Maybe not that pregnant to others especially if I've got a loose fitting top on, but to me, there is certainly a baby bump!  It's really cool.  I notice my bump most when I'm laying down.

The last week has been uncomfortable.  I think that's the best way to describe it.  Uncomfortable because I've been experiencing a lot of growing pains - or I think it's called round ligament pain.  I truly felt my midsection and pelvic region expanding.  That mixed with indigestion is not the best combination.  There were a few nights when sleep was tough.

We celebrated my husband's birthday over the weekend and that was very fun!  My sister-in-law made that incredible owl cake.  I just think it's the cutest thing and it tasted fantastic.  

But then I got sick with a head cold that came on rather abruptly.  I was feeling just fine that Monday, then at night I felt a little sick, but by 2AM I woke up with a very sore throat and feeling crappy.  I would normally try to go to work, but with being pregnant, I just didn't want to risk pushing myself.  I got really upset at first that I got sick because I try so hard to stay healthy and then I started worrying about the baby.  My husband helped calm me down in the middle of the night and just relax.  I know I'm not the first pregnant woman to get sick.

I've been drinking lots of liquids, resting, and I went to the doctor yesterday.  They did a throat culture which I'm waiting to get the results back.  Happy part of the appointment though was that I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again.  That made the day so much better!

Getting sick has really inspired my diving deeper into Macrobiotics though.  I didn't want to take any medicine so I turned to Macrobiotic remedies to help me feel better - Miso soup and Umeboshi Plum tea.  I've also been eating lots of grains - had Millet Porridge for breakfast the last two days.  Since I've been stuck in bed resting, I thought I could do something fun with my time.  Enter recipe books for meal planning!

I want to bring new meals into our life and it was nice taking the time to explore my recipe books.  I'm starting to get deeper into my Macrobiotic studies and I'm fascinated by what I'm learning.  My latest studies were about the Acid/Alkaline state of our body and how foods affect this.  Further, it's crazy how acidic the Modern Diet today (I'm talking about meat, dairy, processed foods, white sugar, white flour here) is and how harmful it is to our health.  Bring on alkalizing foods - plant-based foods, whole grains, vegetables!

So the last week hasn't been a breeze, but a learning experience.  I really need to take care of me right now because it's not just me, there's a little someone too!  And I know that with each growing pain, it's just the baby growing inside of me, which is really just an incredible thing.  

If you've missed any of my past pregnancy updates, they're all on my Pregnancy page as well!


  1. I hope you feel better. I'm STILL on the tail-end of whatever it is our family got over here. Ugh, it's so annoying. I swear I got it from prolonged winter haha.

    When I was around that time period of pregnancy, I loved lying down to see my little bulge cause that's when I really noticed it too!

    I actually used to do SO much reading, and I got this great book out from the library once on acid/alkaline foods and I want to get it again just to refresh myself on it because I love the whole eating alkaline philosophy!! And teaching others about it too - that, like, even though graprefruits/lemons/limes are acidic in form, once they're in the body, they're actually alkalizing!!!

    1. Having a cold is SO ANNOYING! Totally winters fault. Is it Spring yet? I love seeing my bulge now like you said! Such a happy thing. I think the acid/alkaline thing is so crazy interesting too. Love the power of food!