Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 23 Weeks

Hi there!

The weeks are flying by.   I can't believe I'm already at 23 weeks.  It's starting to become much more of a reality that soon a little baby boy will be entering our lives.  I can't wait to meet him.  I had my doctor's appointment this morning and I heard the baby's heartbeat right away.  Also, while I was waiting for the doctor, I felt the baby moving.  Made me smile so big.  Yay!  We also talked about signing up for labor classes.  I want to call the hospital today to sign up for those to begin in the next month or so.   

Weight13 pounds gained as of my 23 week doctor's appointment!

Body:  My belly is growing at a much faster rate these days.  I'm finding that more of my non-maternity shirts aren't working so well.  I really love watching my belly grow though.  I read that the baby is supposed to double in size this month, so that belly of mine is definitely going to be popping out.   

One not so cool symptom I've been experiencing more this week is heartburn.  I've dealt with indigestion issues throughout the past 23 weeks, but heartburn has really taken off in the last few days.  It really burns!  I've noticed it's much worse at night when I'm trying to get to sleep, but I've even started to notice it during the workday.  It's nothing I can't tolerate, but I figured I'd mention it because it's definitely been present this week.

My allergies popped up on Saturday night.  Probably because spring has arrived and I spent a lot of time outside.  I was sneezing and my eyes are itching.  Since I can't take any medicine, I am just going to ride it out.  A hot shower before bed helps a bit.

cold quinoa salad - delicious!

Cravings:  My appetite and cravings are all over the place.  Sometimes I'm really hungry and other times not so much.  I make a point to eat every few hours to keep my energy up though.  I had two tofu veggie burgers over the weekend topped with kale, pickles, vegenaise, and ketchup, and they were fantastic.  Just what I was craving.

Sleep:  Probably the best week of sleep I've had.  I still toss and turn from side to side trying to get comfortable throughout the night, but I've carried on sleeping.

Thought of the baby as I passed this swing on my walk on Saturday.  What fun!

Best Moment(s):  I'm feeling the baby move much more now!  There's been an increase in his movements - well, that I can now feel - and it's incredible.  It's really the best part.  As I write this post, I feel him dancing around in there.  Such happiness.  The whole feeling him move part of pregnancy is by far my favorite.

Heart around the baby
Goals:  Well, I was going to list cleaning out my car as a goal last week, but decided against it (too much pressure that way).  But my husband and I cleaned my car out completely on Friday.  I got rid of all the junk/clothes (found those black winter boots I had been looking for all winter) and my husband vacuumed up the massive amount of dog fur.  My car is officially baby ready!  What a weight off my shoulders.  Now we need to tackle his car.

Walk more is another goal, but I've been doing really well with this.  I was out there all weekend and even played some basketball with my husband on Saturday night (OK, we're talking a game of Pig here, not one-on-one).  The dogs supervised while we shot hoops and it was really fun.  Definitely something I want to keep up.  It was just so incredible being outdoors!

Jax loved the outdoors this weekend
I'm starting to read the books I have on labor and the first year with baby.  And I can't wait to buy The Kind Mama by Alicia Silverstone that just came out!!! 


  1. Em - totally loving keeping track of your progress, thanks for the updates! It has been a long time (our 'baby' turned 16 in February!), so I love seeing others go through it ...

    1. Thanks so much! It's really fun to keep a record of this journey and sharing it =)

  2. Love your preggers posts :). I never had heartburn throughout pregnancy and I am eternally grateful to Nia for that haha. As always - yours eats are awesome. Now I want to make a cold quinoa salad!! Oye, how I miss sleep. I'm glad you had a good week of sleep. I love Nia, but her only downfall is in the sleep department. Maybe by the time she's 15, I'll get some sleep again…or wait, is that when you start NOT sleeping again because a whole new set of worries comes with raising them?!?! haha

    1. Thanks Char!!! Thankfully the heartburn has been better the last few days. I need to make a homemade cold quinoa salad b/c that one was restaurant bought. I know I sooo should not complain about sleep b/c I know it will become nonexistent once this little boy comes. Omg I will so be one of those parents who never sleeps when my kid becomes a teenager haha!

  3. Is that squash in the salad? It looks yummy. I"m going to try the tofu at Chipolte tonight! I'm at home in Oklahoma and my dad is obsessed. I'm glad I have a better option now.

    1. Oh YAY I hope you like it!!! That's so great that your dad likes it. Tell me what you think :)