Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 24 Weeks


Week 24 was very good!  I really just felt great all around emotionally and physically.  However, I woke up this morning with bad sinus pain/scratchy throat, but I'm hoping it's just weather related/allergies.  It definitely turned to stormy weather during the night and that general upsets my sinuses.  I started the day with miso soup and I plan to drink lots of hot water throughout the day.

Body:  My belly is growing!  It's fun watching it grow bigger.  Prior to getting pregnant, I wasn't sure how I'd react to my changing body and I'm so happy that I am at a place in my life where I can truly appreciate it.  I know I'm not as slim as I used to be and I'll continue to get bigger, but I really want to cherish this time because it's already going by so quick.  I can work on getting my body back after our baby comes.  I'm already excited thinking about going on walks with him come late summer/fall.

Jax decided to join this photo

Getting ready for work is definitely getting a bit more challenging.  I just purchased from Old Navy online yesterday 4 tops and a pair of khakis.  I have some dresses that will work for a while longer (I hope) and I have maternity work pants, but wearing my non-maternity work tops just wasn't cutting it anymore.  Most of my normal tops just don't fit correctly. The new tops should get me through to when the baby arrives and they'll be great for after as well.

I wear my sneaks into work and change when I get there
Cravings:  Salads filled with fruit, veggies, nuts and topped with a nice creamy balsamic dressing.  Just typing it makes me hungry.  I'm also loving tofu dishes and noodle stir fries.  Bagels slathered in either peanut butter or Tofutti are my go-to second breakfast every workday.  And apples with peanut butter make a fantastic 3PM snack.  I also think about a vegan milkshake (from my very favorite vegan cafe) daily, but really I need to buy the ingredients for home, so I can make them at my leisure!

Over the weekend, I got the best veggie dog plate ever.  All vegan and crazy delicious.  It's two veggie dogs over baked beans and fries.  I ate like a champ over the weekend:  fried portabella mushrooms with sweet potato fries, tofu/cauliflower curry dish, veggie tray with dill hummus, Easter dinner (salad, asparagus, mashed potatoes, and stuffing for me), and my mom gave me an all vegan Easter basket (my first)!  I brought it with me to work this week so I can snack on goodies throughout the week.

 Sleep:  Pretty great really.  A mom I know mentioned to me that this will probably be the best sleep I'll get for a while once the baby comes, so I'm just going to say that I'm still getting 6-7 hour chunks of solid sleep and I'm happy with that.  I try to be sleeping by 10PM (doesn't always happen of course) and I get up around 6:30AM.  I woke up at 4AM one morning, and was up at 3AM last night, but I was feeling the baby move, so we were up partying together.

Best Moment(s):  As always, feeling our baby boy moving around.  That feeling will never get old.  Every time I feel our baby boy it's just the happiest moment.   I feel like it's his way of saying hello to me right now.  On Friday night and last night, my husband felt a few solid kicks for the first time!

Last Wednesday evening, my husband and I visited a potential babysitter for the future.  We were not happy with the house/environment, but it was a good learning experience.  I really sat there and thought if I could imagine my baby boy being here each day and the answer was a definite no.  Afterwards, we talked it through and had a nice dinner and relaxed with the pups.  On Thursday evening, my husband rented The Sandlot and we had my favorite dinner of sesame tofu, greens, sweet potato, and brown rice.  Relaxing nights after workdays are so nice.

The prettiest meal and so delicious!

I signed up for lots of classes too - birthing classes, baby care, first aid, hospital tour, breastfeeding!  I'm so excited.  Most of the classes are in June.  I like that they aren't too early, but I'll have them done before the last month of pregnancy (if our little boy comes timely).  

Happy homegrown sunflowers by my husband

 I've also been reading The Kind Mama by Alicia Silverstone and what a beautiful book it is!  This book is not just for pregnant women, it's for any woman thinking about becoming pregnant, planning to, possibly needing some advice to prepare the body, and then it goes through all the trimesters of pregnancy, getting your home ready, and the first six months with baby.  I just adore Alicia and her mentality.  

This book is just further inspiration to me when it comes to living a kind life (plant-based diet, green living)!  It's a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.

Walk with my dad, husband, and dogs on Easter

Easter weekend was absolutely wonderful.  My husband and I visited all of our family back in my hometown.  There was egg decorating, hanging outside in the sun, dog walking, great food, and quality time with our family.  It was such a good weekend and I'm so happy we got to see everyone. 

Onto week 25...!


  1. What is sesame tofu? It sounds tasty. Also I love the movie the sandlot. So many great one liners!

    So are you planning on going back to work full time after the baby?

    1. Here's a link to the recipe for sesame tofu: http://www.lovalatte.com/2013/01/sesame-tofu-with-kale.html
      You basically fry tofu in sesame oil then had shoyu (soy sauce) and sesame seeds. It's crazy delicious. The sandlot was so good! I hadn't seen it in years. I am planning on going back to work, so we are searching for great childcare!

  2. It's so incredible to feel baby kick! I'm just behind you at 23 weeks, and I didn't feel her until yesterday because I have an anterior placenta. I'm excited for more of that :) Are you planning a natural birth (I hate asking because it can se such a controversial subject for some people)? If so, I've heard great things about the Bradley method; we're set to start our classes soon.

    1. CONGRATS! Isn't it the best feeling?! I didn't feel him much yesterday either. I know they said my placenta was in front too when I got a sonogram a month or so ago. I'm excited to feel more kicks too!!! I would love to do a natural birth, but I'm just going to go with the flow. Hopefully that's the way it will go. That's so exciting you're signed up for classes - enjoy! :)

  3. Looking amazing and so does that dinner! Wish I had the Kind Mama when I was pregnant!! I love Alicia too!!