Tuesday, May 20, 2014

28 Weeks - Hello Third Trimester!


The THIRD TRIMESTER is here!  Wasn't it just a short time ago that I announced my pregnancy to you guys?  And really it was just a few posts ago I was entering the second trimester...

28 weeks have gone by fast! 

Let's do a fun comparison.  Here I was at 14 weeks:

Here is me now at 28 weeks:

I'm so impressed by the female body and everything it does to accommodate our baby. 

 Weight:  Was up 16 pounds last week, so I'm thinking around 17 now.  I'm aiming for a pound/week.  It's crazy to think that my belly will double (maybe triple?) in size during the last trimester.  I'm the heaviest I've ever been and I'm happy about it which is sort of odd.  Gaining weight all for baby boy!

Lincoln clearly got bored with taking pictures

Body:  I'm really noticing the extra weight I'm carrying in front now.  I feel it.  Bending down to put on shoes is interesting.  Slip on flats are the best now.  My biggest negative symptom is still heartburn.  Generally I feel it when I lay down to go to sleep at night even if I have eaten hours earlier.  It's not enough to keep me awake or anything, but it's present.  My energy level has felt high and my skin is still the best it's been.  I'm just rolling with it!   

Sleep:  I slept quite well the last week.  No major complaints.  I wasn't up in the middle of the night too much.  I continue to toss and turn from side to side, but I sort of hug a pillow while I sleep and that keeps me more comfortable. 

CravingsI'm hungry!  Yes, I already had two pieces of sprouted wheat toast with earth balance and jelly and a Green Monster smoothie (almond milk, chia seeds, banana, spinach, almond butter, cinnamon) this morning, but I'm ready for my second breakfast.  I truly have to eat every two hours. 

I have a smoothie every morning!  Since my mom gave me the new Oh She Glows Cookbook, I've been making lots of recipes from it.  They are all delicious.  Over the weekend we went to the farmer's market for the first time this season and I got a bunch of produce for so cheap.  I was cooking/baking up a storm over the weekend from the cookbook:  life-affirming nacho dip with pita chips, tomato soup, chocolate-almond brownies, and of course more smoothies.  

 I enjoyed two great tempeh meals in the last week as well.  First it was the Tempeh BLT's for dinner one night with a side of homemade sweet potato chips, and then I had the leftovers in a fantastic salad for lunch the next day. Tofu dishes are fantastic to me too (weekly sesame tofu dish pictured above) and I've been making a point to get lots of veggies this week.  I've also had my share of avocado.  Man when an avocado is good and soft, I just love it.

Best Moment(s):  At the end of the workday on Thursday, I was sitting at my desk and baby boy must have been doing somersaults in there.  He was really moving and shaking!  I love it.  I love it so freaking much.  Feeling him move will never get old.  I know I've said it before, but it's definitely my favorite part of pregnancy. 

Last weekend we got SO MUCH DONE at home.  The house was cleaned inside and out.  My husband worked in the yard while I worked on the inside.  We were both bone tired by Sunday night, but it felt really good. 

Newborn clothes organized!

Goals:  Wash more clothes, organize, setup baby boy's room more!  I made HUGE strides this weekend though.  It is certainly looking like a nursery now.  I'm not sure when we should officially put the car seat in and set up the pack n' play.  Any thoughts?

Keep walking on lunch!  I did this a few times last week at work and I plan on sticking to it.  Even just a 20 minute power walk gets me energized.   

We were both half asleep in this picture

 My doctor appointments are now every two weeks (yay!) so I'm back to the doctor for another checkup next week.  I schedule all my appointments before work and it's always a nice way to start the day before the long workday.  Also, this week is our first birthing class which I'm very much looking forward to.

I have felt really good overall and for that I am so thankful.  I have no idea what the third trimester will be like, but I'm looking forward to it! 

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  1. You look absolutely amazing!!!! Your bump looks good too ;). I don't think we installed the carseat until we were leaving the hospital. I mean, we had it well before I was due, but it wasn't really necessary until the baby was actually here to put it in (I probably did everything wrong haha).

    And, can I come eat at your house? I want all your food!! Thanks for convincing me to make a green smoothie when Nia's up from her nap. We haven't had one in a loooong time. It's time!!