Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Being Productive

Hey there!

Lincoln & Jax

 I slept entirely through the night last night so I'm feeling quite good this morning.  However, my poor dogs were probably up half the night.  The thunderstorms and lightning started just as we were climbing into bed.  Jax especially hates storms.  At the first sound of thunder, he jumped up from his relaxed state and I saw that crazy look in his eyes.  There's no getting him to calm down when this happens.  His next move is to jump on and off the bed.  We try to get him to cuddle with us and comfort him, but he just won't have it.  I'm hoping it doesn't storm today while I'm at work so he can get some sleep.

Tree in our backyard bloomed yesterday.  It's my favorite!

Last night turned into an extremely productive night.  I got home from work and my husband had made a Thai peanut noodle stir fry with tofu and broccoli for dinner and started the laundry.  Note:  our washer stopped working on us last week so having a working washer again was pure joy.  He had to run out to a commitment so I promptly made myself a plate of food in front of the TV and felt the fatigue start to set in.  However, I really wanted to get stuff done and I knew if I didn't get back up quickly the night would be completely lost.  

27 weeks pregnant - Lincoln loves to join my pictures

So I called to the dogs to join me in the car and off to Target we went!  I bought the Seventh Generation detergent I'd been wanting to get so I could start washing baby clothes!  Know what's so fantastic about baby clothes (besides how ridiculously cute they are)?  You can fit so many into one load.  I washed all the hand-me-down newborn clothes last night and now I just need to organize them.  It feels like a big step.  

I didn't stop there... Living with two big furry dogs produces a disgusting amount of fur.  We truly would have to vacuum every other day to keep the fur situation under perfect control, and that's just not going to happen.  We were gone all last weekend and I just could not stand the sight of the fur anymore.  Our kitchen, family room, and hallway are looking so much better now.  Good thing I love our dogs so much.  I really wish I could train them to vacuum up their own fur ;)

 For Mother's Day, my mom bought me the Oh She Glows Cookbook.  I have so many vegan cookbooks I'm trying to make my way through, but I've been hearing all about this one so I was very excited to get it.  I spent my lunch on Monday picking out all the recipes I wanted to make.  This morning I made my husband and I the Green Monster smoothie.  I will definitely be starting my days this summer with a smoothie.  And I love that I got a big handful of spinach in there!

 The smoothie got me so energized this morning that I sliced up some tempeh and started marinating it in Frank's Red Hot sauce (with a little soy sauce) so that we could have Tempeh BLT's for dinner tonight (from Isa Does It cookbook).  I'm already thinking about dinner as I write this.  Just need to pick up an avocado and Vegenaise to make the sandwiches perfect.

Sometimes it's the little things that really make the day so much better.  Waking up to a clean house is a spectacular thing.  Add good food for the day on top of it... woohoo!

I'm still waiting on my results from my glucola test yesterday.  Really hoping I just don't hear from my doctor because that will mean all went well.  

How's your week going?

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  1. One of my cats is afraid of storms, too. He runs to the top floor and hides under my bed. I had to physically drag him out the other day because he hadn't eaten. He would only eat if I sat there next to his dish petting him and comforting him :( Don't you wish you could just explain it to them?