Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 26 Weeks


Baby boy is two pounds now!  No wonder my belly is growing by the day.  I read that his eyes are starting to open this week too which I think is very cool.  My hunger has been insatiable today.  I'm eating a grilled cheese (with daiya) with tomato on wheat bread right now - and that's my second dinner!

Tried on this dress at Target.  Didn't end up buying it.

Weight Gained:  16 pounds as of Monday.  I'm averaging a pound/week at this point.

Outfit to work on 26 week mark

Body/Symptoms:  I feel pregnant!  And for me that means that I feel the extra weight that I'm carrying in front.  Simple things like rolling over to turn off the light by the bed or getting up from the couch just feels slightly more difficult.  A helping hand is a wonderful thing.  It would surprise me if someone couldn't tell that I was pregnant at this point.  When I look down, I can no longer see my feet, just belly.  That definitely happened recently.  Baby boy is growing!  

I've felt some minor aches and pains in my growing midsection and been a bit more fatigued, but overall I've been feeling pretty high energy.  It's a funny thing to try on clothes that once fit so well and they just do not look so nice anymore.  It makes me realize how much my body truly has changed to accommodate baby boy.  

On Friday evening my husband had a work event at Barnes and Noble.  I was feeling great all day and I had a solid dinner (veggie burger with fries), but I started to feel quite bad while standing at the event.  I had that same sort of dizziness/faint feeling wash over me that I had experienced at week 21.  I sat down immediately and got a frappuccino hoping the sugar boost might make me feel better.  Basically over the next hour I just felt really crappy and I sat on the floor at B&N because I was worried about fainting.  I never did, but it definitely freaked me out.  I've read that the growing uterus can cause symptoms like this, but I ran it by my doctor on Monday.   

Still have a few more of my things to clean out of the baby's room.  Look how pretty the crib is though!
Cravings:  I have been loving my chocolate peanut butter shakes each morning.  I wake up and look forward to it.  It keeps me full until about 9:30AM at work then I go to my sprouted wheat bagel with Tofutti.  Grains, fruit, veggies, and salads all still sound fantastic to me.  I have at least one piece of chocolate everyday, but I haven't had that crazy a sweet tooth.  Apples have been my go-to snack.  I also get full quicker!  Full to the point where I truly do not want to take another bite, but then I'm hungry again within an hour or two.  

I just love daiya in a quesadilla (plus black beans and brown rice) - Sunday dinner!

We went to Chipotle last Thursday for dinner for the first time in a month.  It tasted great - love that tofu option.  Had a General Tso's Tofu dish on Saturday night.  Oh and the vegetable spring rolls were heavenly.  I could eat about 100 of those.

Bought salad makings on Sunday

 Sleep:  I'm certainly tired come bedtime (which is anywhere from 9-11 generally).  I've slept through the night for the most part.  However, I toss and turn a lot from side to side.  I wake up on my back and then turn back over to my side.  So while I pretty much stay sleeping, I'm not always feeling well rested.  I was really tired at work last Thursday.  Overall though this has been a really great week of sleep!

Best Moments:  One day I swear baby boy kicked me in the ribs!  It hurt a little, but honestly it was more funny to me.  I just imagine him doing karate in there.  I was cheering him on.  I adore every movement he makes.

We got the fan fixed in our bathroom that had been leaking.  Turns out it was from the crazy amount of snow that accumulated over the winter.  It's just a relief to take care of minor household items like that.

Recipe from Vegan Brunch
On Saturday, while eating vegan waffles smothered in earth balance and syrup (I'll share recipe soon!), we spontaneously decided to go visit family for the weekend.  Although we don't live in the same city, it's nice that they are just 1.5 hours away.  The weekend was filled with chatting, good eats (tried some of my husband's sesame tofu dish out on Saturday), cards, and dog walks.  And this weekend we get to see everyone again for my shower! 

On the way to visit family, we stopped at the outlet mall.  I bought two pairs of flats from the Puma store because they were 75% off and so comfortable.  I've been needing some flats for work.  High heels just aren't the best for me to be wearing anymore.  Got to love a great deal like that!


My husband and I finished off the weekend with some more basketball (we played "Pig" but we used the words Mother's Day, vegan, and chick this time!) and then watched a movie.  Felt good to be outdoors even if it was still a bit chilly.

Goals:  Eat more veggies.  I generally do pretty well in this department, but I think I was a bit carb heavy the last week.  More salads at lunch rather than almond butter & jelly sandwiches.  We bought plenty of salad makings while grocery shopping on Sunday.

Beautiful spring day to take a walk on lunch!

Looking forward toMy baby shower is this weekend!  I can't believe it's already here.  I'm so excited to visit with family and friends.  Also, I'm really looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day with my mom, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.  Hoping for a sunny weekend. 

I have my glucose screening next week so I'll need to drink that bottle of orange liquid an hour before my appointment.  I like going to the doctor because I get to checkup on baby boy!


  1. doing karate in your belly:) Such a cute thought! You look wonderful Em!

  2. Hi! I came across you over at ohsheglows :) I too was inspired to go vegan after reading The Kind Diet :) I'm currently stumbling my way through a vegan pregnancy, and I'm really looking forward to reading your back entries! :) Hope you're feeling well, especially with his karate kicks :)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I loved The Kind Diet. I'm so glad you were inspired by it too. Have you read her new book, The Kind Mama? I really like that too! I hope you are feeling great and that's so awesome that you're doing a vegan pregnancy :)