Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Packing a Simple Vegan Lunch

Hey there!

How's your week going?  It's crazy rainy here in Central New York right now.  It started thunder storming last night around dinner time and basically hasn't stopped raining since.  I know the plants are probably quite happy about it, but my dogs are not so pleased.  Jax basically looked at me like I was crazy when I told him to go out this morning.  "Seriously, Mom, you think I want to go out in that?  Why don't you go out in that?"  Yeah I don't take his attitude personally.

Lately I've been making a point to pack better lunches for work.  Especially at 33 weeks pregnant, I truly cannot skimp on lunch.  I need a nutritious meal that will get me through the day otherwise making it to 5PM just won't happen.  And if I don't pack a proper lunch, then I've got to venture around downtown trying to find something to eat, but I really don't want to be spending the extra money.  My husband and I do a solid grocery shop every weekend so there really is no excuse not to bring a great lunch.

I work in an office downtown so if I wanted to spend the money everyday I could just go out to lunch.  But really that gets old quick, and especially since I stick to a mainly vegan diet, my restaurant options are a bit more limited.  I'd say 50% of the time I bring leftovers from dinner the night before for lunch, so if there aren't leftovers, I need to pack lunch in the morning before I leave for work.

Here's what I've had for lunches so far this week:

Monday - Salad with leftover Apple Cider Vinegar Tofu with balsamic dressing, nectarine, and homemade Glo Bar from the Oh She Glows Cookbook (highly recommend this book!)

Tuesday - Salad with soy chicken with vegan caesar dressing and tomatoes, kettle potato chips, Glo Bar

Here's the lunch I packed for myself this morning.  I won't eat it all in one sitting, probably over the course of a few hours while I work.  

 -Whole wheat bread (I have Tofutti in the fridge at work which I plan to slather on this as toast)

- Salad with strawberries and cashews with a balsamic dressing

 -Large bowl of watermelon

-Glo Bar (these bars are SO GOOD!  Oats, brown rice krispies, almond butter, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds)

Packing a healthy vegan lunch is really easy.  It may take some thought in making sure you buy the right ingredients at the beginning of the workweek, but it definitely pays off come lunch time!

What's your go-to simple lunch?


  1. a salad with all the fixin's from the fridge is my go-to lunch. Speaking of which, time to go make one now!

  2. That strawberry salad looks cute & fun! I love the packing easy lunches on the go. I love throwing together black beans, cooked quinoa, cucumber with some avocado & adding lime juice as dressing. Yum!
    I have yet to make a Glo Bar! I need to do that - I have the cookbook and LOVE it!

  3. Lately, I've been keeping bagels in the work freezer and bringing a week's worth of chopped veggies for bagel sandwiches, mmmm. Bringing left overs is where it's at though!