Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 34 Weeks

Hey hey hey!

Baby boy is around 5 pounds - woohoo!  I think his growing is for sure showing by my growing belly.  He's gaining fat and getting rounder.

Body:  I'm honestly feeling really good.  Yes, I get uncomfortable more easily and I definitely feel the extra weight, but overall no major complaints.  When I'm sitting for long periods of time, I find I need to readjust often to stay comfortable.  At work, I get up to walk around away from my desk sporadically just to move a bit.  Heartburn continues to be my worst symptom, and Tums really take care of that.  I've had some random aches (maybe braxton hicks contractions) while walking that stop me suddenly.  Nothing that persists for any length of time.  We were walking out of Chipotle on Saturday and it happened, and my husband was like "maybe baby boy is coming today!"  No, thank you, not quite yet.  I'm ecstatic to meet our baby boy, but I want him to bake for at least another month just for his own health.

My hubby got me this dress from Kohls - I love it! 
It's non-maternity which is awesome because I certainly plan to wear it later on as well.

Cravings:  I wanted lots of carbs last week.  Cheesy pasta please!  However, my favorite meal of the week was on Sunday.  My husband and I went out to lunch with my mother-in-law and I got (amazing) hummus with pita, and a monster salad of greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green onions with a tasty vinaigrette.  It was crazy hot out on Sunday and this meal hit the spot.     

Sleep:  I fall asleep quite fast at night normally.  I've been sleeping pretty good.  I wake up every night to use the bathroom, but sometimes not until really early morning.  I'm (still) tossing and turning throughout the night, but that's certainly to be expected.  I love that when I wake up in the night I often feel baby boy's kicks. 

Best Moment(s):  Feeling his kicks!  I feel a lot of movement close to my ribs these days.  Not sure if that means he's kicking me or giving me punches.  Either way, it's crazy cool.

We decorated baby boy's room some more!  We added the sun and clouds on the wall opposite the crib, and the alphabet on the wall next to the crib.  It's really coming together now.  We've got one more tree wall decal and planes/hot air balloons on order, so hopefully they will arrive soon.  

And baby boy's room is now completely organized!!!  This thrills me.  I washed all his blankets, towels, clothes, and put everything away.  It's a relief and such happiness to have his room setup.  We plan to have him sleep in a bassinet in our room at first, but it's still nice to have the crib all setup because I plan to use it for naps. 

Goals:  I've been doing a lot of reading on cloth diapering (thanks to you other wonderful bloggers who have posted about it).  I just love the green aspect of cloth diapering as well as the money savings part of it.  I read that it costs something like $3,000 if you use disposable diapers until the child is 2.5 years old.  That's a lot of money! 

We are very lucky that we were gifted with giftcards at our showers, so our start-up cost for cloth diapering is next to nothing (it would have been around $150 for days worth).  So far we own 9 bumGenius 4.0's and I'd like to acquire another bunch over the next few months so we have two days worth.  I might want to  acquire a few of the bumGenius Freetimes (the all-in-ones) as well, then I'll have a comparison for which ones we like better.  I've heard great things about both, but I think overall the 4.0's seem to win out, at least on the posts I've read.  The cloth diapers are just so bright and ridiculously cute!  I'm sure I won't be saying that when I'm changing a ton each day.  I like everything about cloth diapering, so I hope our baby boy does too.  We have a stash of newborn disposables for at least the first month though. 

The fact that our baby boy's room is all setup (aside from a few decorations) is a beautiful relief.  It makes me feel so much more ready.  Now I just need to pack that hospital bag!  That will happen this weekend.  I'm so happy to be at 34 weeks.  Six weeks seems like forever and really close at the same time.  

Last night I had a dream that I was giving our baby boy a bath, but the lights were off so I couldn't see his face very well.  He was laughing and splashing and I was yelling to my husband to turn on the light so I could see what his face looked like.  I don't remember any of the dream after that.  I thought that was an interesting dream though because I'm certainly so excited to meet and see our little guy!


  1. It seems like all the pregnant ladies I know are having their babies early this summer (can the crazy heat do that? lol)-- like a month early! But luckily, they were all done baking and ready for the workd

    1. Hmmm...maybe it is the heat?! I'd be happy to go at 39 weeks if baby boy is ready haha!

  2. Wow, I am so glad you are doing so well still! Almost to the end! That dress is ADORABLE! Nice job hubby!

    His room looks great. I'm getting super excited to hear your birth story, which I hope you plan on sharing ;)