Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 37 Weeks

Hey hey hey!

I'm in the 9th month. Woohoo!  Baby boy has reached full term.  That makes me so happy.

This week I bought the last things on our list-of-things-to-buy-before-baby-boy-arrives.  A bought a Moby Wrap and one more cloth diaper!  The Moby Wrap was something I really wanted as I envision using it around the house a lot with baby boy and when out and about.  We had a coupon/gift card for Babies R Us and I was so happy to see they sold them in store.  I bought one more cloth diaper, so we now have a total of 10 bum genius 4.0s.  I figure that's a solid days worth and then we can acquire more over the next few months.

Weight: 27.5 pounds gained.  I swear I'm not eating that much more, but I just seem to keep putting on the pounds.  

Body:  Feeling large.  I'm so thankful for the two summer dresses my hubby got me recently because they are my very favorite thing to wear.  They are long and loose and stylish.  I wear them every week to work (and I'd wear them everyday if I could).  I've been tired lately.  My legs feel like I've walked many miles by the end of the day.  My stomach feels off sporadically.  But then in the mix of it all I'll have moments when I feel fantastic.  It's a big mix right now.  Heartburn is daily though.

Cravings:  Food doesn't always sound that fantastic.  I just need to eat at this point because I really am hungry.  We made a homemade pizza last Wednesday (trying to use up the homegrown tomatoes) and it was delicious.  I also got a salad from my very favorite vegan cafe one day that had the works on it - "chicken" strips, walnuts, cranberries, apple, "blue cheese", all topped with a poppyseed dressing.  

I had a huge veggie burger with fries on Sunday.  Oh, and a few onion rings!  On Friday night I needed something basic and nutritious for dinner.  I made a whole lot of apple cider vinegar tofu over brown rice with a pile of steamed kale.  

  Sleep:  Fine.  Even on the nights that I get a good amount of sleep I still wake up feeling tired.  I'm just tired lately in general.  I get random bursts of energy and I'll be productive around the house, but then I'll need to rest for a while.  There's absolutely no sleeping through the night at this point due to bathroom breaks.  I slept in until 8AM both weekend mornings which is practically unheard of for me.  It was so nice not to have an alarm to follow.

Best Moments (and some happenings):  Feeling baby boy's kicks!  They are downright entertaining at times.  One morning I kept seeing a bulge right below my right rib area.  I assume it was a foot.  It's so funny to me.  When we're relaxing at night and he's bouncing around, I just love it.  There's definitely much less room for him to move so I really feel the jabs at this point.  Feeling his movements will forever be one of my favorite things.

My hubby and I drove to a Phish concert last week.  It was an absolutely beautiful night to just be out on the lawn listening to the music.  I also got a pile of fresh cut fries that were salty deliciousness.  We only stayed about an hour an a half because (1) it was getting way past my current bedtime and (2) we didn't want to be around the cigarette smoke.  So the fresh air was nice while it lasted and then we had a relaxing hour drive home listening to a book on tape.   

Over the weekend we bought our very first lawnmower.  It's a big deal.  When we moved into our house we just happened to stumble across a lawnmower someone had left on the side of the road, and it lasted us a whole year!  Within that year we had to ask our neighbor to repair it like five times, but it was all really simple stuff for him.  However, it had it's final run over the weekend.  Now that we had to buy our very first lawnmower, I really feel like an adult ;)

On top of that, our vacuum decided to freakout over the weekend as well.  We had to say goodbye to that too.  New vacuum is on it's way from Target this week and it's supposed to be really good at getting rid of pet fur.  A quality vacuum is life changing with my two furry pups.  

On Monday morning, just as my husband was dropping me off at work, his car started to overheat.  Uh oh... Our plan is to buy a new car this fall, but that plan just got bumped up a bit.  Thankfully his car just needed a new water pump and it wasn't too pricey.  However, we were basically told that his car could last a week or a year.  Hmmm...not the most reassuring news.  Therefore, we are heading to the Subaru dealership tonight to start the process. On a happy note, we put the car seat in my hubby's car (even though now we may be taking it out - oops!) on Saturday, so those pups enjoyed their final ride in his car prior to the car seat being installed.  They love to come everywhere with us, but now that my husband cleaned all the fur out of his car, we want to keep it clean for when baby boy arrives.  The pups will just have to be patient for their car rides.

Saturday morning errands with our pups!

 Sunday was my mother-in-laws birthday.  Happy happy birthday!  We drove to my hometown and visited with family for the day.  Great food (that veggie burger I mentioned), wonderful company, and happy birthday celebrating.  It was a really nice day.  Later that night we came home and finished baby boy's room. 

On the road on Sunday...

We hung the window and closet curtain my mom made for the nursery (thanks, Mom!).  There is literally nothing else we plan to do to his room.  Baby boy, your room is ready for you!

My mom made the owl curtains and my mother-in-law made that adorable blanket on the chair.  Talented ladies!

 Goals:  I had my 37 week doctor's appointment yesterday and at this point it's just time to wait for baby boy's arrival.  We are so excited to meet you whenever you're ready!


  1. Getting closer and closer to your due date. You & your husband must be estatic.Pizza sure does a pregnant lady good. I don't know about you, but it puts me in the best of moods. Haha!

    I love your nursery look so far. The owls are adorable.

    Ill be sending many prayers your way about the whole car situation. Hopefully you'll find something reasonable and the hubby's car will last a bit longer.

    P.S. you look great!

  2. What a sweet time in your life, and how nice of your husband to pick up those two sun dresses for you! The one pictured looks great on you. Good luck with all the mechanical items in your life, I hope they behave so you can concentrate on all the exciting stuff you have going on.