Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 36 Weeks

Hi there!

Weight:  25 pounds gained.  Up a pound from last week.

Hello baby belly!  And a seriously bad hair day.

Body:  Feeling large.  I put on a maternity top that I got during the colder months that used to be a little big on me and it fit me snug now.  When I go to get dressed is when I really notice how much my middle has grown.  Heart burn has been bad a few nights, but like last week, Tums helped with that.  

I had one crazy cramp in my calf when I woke up Friday morning.  It really hurt!  It passed after 20 seconds or so, but man that was quite the way to wake up.  Then, by Sunday, I was in a lot of pain on my right lower half.  My calf was super tight which then transferred up my leg and to my butt.  Literally a massive pain in my ass!  I could hardly walk Sunday night.  My husband had to carry me to the bedroom.  I think it was my sciatic nerve.  The pain was definitely movement related.  If I stepped or turned the wrong way I got a shooting pain in my butt.  I was really upset Sunday night and the not being able to walk aspect really freaked me out.  I've been stretching each day since and luckily I woke up Monday morning feeling much improved!

Cravings:  I had Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain toast topped with vegenaise and a homegrown (by hubby) tomato one (very early) morning, and it was one of the best things I ate all week.  So basic, but amazing. 

Also, my husband and I shared some pretty incredible nachos at lunch last Thursday as well.  Avocado was heavenly.  Chocolate almond (or PB) shake still sounds great each morning.  The best meals were sesame tofu and at lunch one day I ate an entire Tofurky club.  

  Sleep: Definitely the worst week of sleep yet.  I consistently wake up at 4AM and can't fall back asleep.  I've been playing this game called Two Dots on my phone.  It's addicting.  And then I go on Pinterest.  I generally then fall back asleep around 5:30AM and need to get up by 7AM.  The lack of sleep must be training me for baby boy. 

Best Moments:  Going out to lunch with hubby during the workweek on Thursday.  We rarely get that opportunity, so it was like a date in the middle of the day.  We've really been enjoying sitting out on our deck lately as well and sometimes listening to a book on tape or just hanging with the pups.  The previous owners of our house had setup this sort of tent like deal for the deck and we never really understood why, until now.  One night we decided to put up the netting and it's really cozy!  Keeps the bugs out and we are able to hangout on the deck a lot more comfortably.  Turns out they really did know what they were doing, and we've just been missing out by not putting it up sooner.

We had our 36 week sonogram yesterday!  It was the best getting to see our baby boy again.  It's been since 21 weeks.  They told us that he's head down, so his heels are what I feel in my ribs.  That's really cute to me.  The tech said he is around 6 pounds.  Yay!  Baby boy was stubborn and didn't let us get a good picture, but in this one you can see part of his little face.  My husband and I can't decide whose nose he has.  

While I certainly felt quite crappy a good portion of this week, it ended with pure happiness because I got to see our baby boy. 

Goals:  Enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy!


  1. How are you 36 weeks already?! Holy cow! You are so, so close to meeting the little man! The last few weeks go by sooooo slow, but try and soak up all the one-on-one time with your husband as you can!

  2. Emily, you’re so close! It’s so exciting! Will be following your journey alongside you. All the very best.