Monday, October 6, 2014

Five Things Monday

Hey hey!

I spontaneously decided to do another five things update post because Sage has fallen asleep on me and I don't dare wake him, and my phone is the only thing within reach.  Too bad my dogs don't understand how to get me more tea or make me some toast.  

I was going to go to Babies R Us with Sage to get this bottle nipple I heard good things about (still working on the bottle), but I stepped outside with Sage in his carrier (who was crying) and felt that it was raining, and quickly decided I had no desire to go out in that.  Sage agreed.  As soon as I took him out of the carrier he fell asleep in my arms.  So here I go with my five things:

1. Sage's sleep pattern changed on Friday.  He basically stopped napping for over an hour and just fed every hour.  I'm thinking it's a growth spurt because he was a hungry monster.  He didn't sleep for longer than a stretch of three hours at night either and was hungry each wake up.  That is why I'm letting him sleep on me now as long as he wants because he must need some sleep!

2.  I just emailed two people about treadmills I saw on Craig's List.  I'm realizing that if I seriously want to get back into running I really need one.  Then I have a chance of getting in a run while Sage is either sleeping or playing by me.  Hopefully they'll email me back.  I just want a super basic treadmill.  No crazy features needed.  I went for my first run post pregnancy last Thursday!

3.  Thank goodness for my blender.  I make a smoothie every morning and it makes me feel like I'm starting the day right even if I'm super tired.

4.  Sage is 8 weeks old today! Yay! Look for his two month update later this week.  

5. What should I make for dinner?  Red Hot tempeh BLTs or peanut noodle stir fry?  Both simple meals on this Monday from Isa Does It.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I just searched craigs list for a spinning bike..we have a treadmill (saving grace getting runs in with the twins) but I'd love a bike too! GREAT job fitting a run in - I know it felt AMAZING for me that first run :) Hope it did for you too!