Friday, October 10, 2014

A Good Week and Starting a Routine

Hi there!

Sage just fell asleep in my arms.  Man was he overtired!  He hardly naps for long periods anymore.  All cat naps.  We had a busy morning of errands and he did sleep the majority of the time, but that was still only about an hour.  We went to Walgreens to get pictures, then Hobby Lobby to get a frame for the pictures (all of Sage of course), and then I treated myself to Chipotle and Sage was my cutie pie of a date.  The rest of the day has been playing and him taking quick naps, so maybe he'll sleep for longer than 20 minutes now.  

Here are some things from my week:

I RAN!  Three miles conquered.  I'm much slower than I was a year ago, but I'm not focusing on speed right now.  I just want to cover some distance.

Sage can officially hold his head up!  I screamed out of excitement when I saw this.  People aren't kidding when they say they grow really fast.  I'm holding onto each precious moment.

We got out and about a lot this week.  The biggest adventure was going to Kohls.  Sage was awake the whole time and happy.  Woohoo!  The new toy from grandma seriously helped.  I dangled it in his face half the time.  I want to go back to Kohls soon because there were some really cute clothes and good deals!

Sage and I are starting to develop more of a schedule.  I try for a loose routine at this point.  It's a eat-play-sleep schedule, but the timing changes.  However, we do bathtime every night and I've been trying to do more of a routine at night before he goes to sleep.  He's been falling asleep around 6PM and sleeping for 4-6 hours and I really wish I could push that to like 8PM but I'm not really sure how.  Any suggestions?

In the mornings, we get up and I nurse him, and then Sage hangs out with me in his Rock n' Play in the kitchen while I make breakfast and generally clean the kitchen from the mess I most likely made the night before.  My husband is getting ready for work and then he joins us.  Sage watches me bounce around the kitchen and says good morning to his daddy.  

So it's not a set in stone schedule, but there's certainly the beginnings of one.  And I am so looking forward to this long weekend ahead!  My husband will be home an extra day from work and I can't wait to spend lots of family time.  Hopefully I'll have another run (or two!) to report come Monday as well.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ooh so jealous of your run! It's weird what your body can remember to do after months of pregnancy! I'll be 4 weeks postpartum on Tuesday and I'm hoping to get out there myself :-x Sage is SO cute, I think he looks a lot like you! Enjoy your long weekend with the husband and little pumpkin man!