Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rebooting with Running, Relaxation & Retail


How was your weekend?  I realize it's already Tuesday, but yesterday was still considered the weekend for me since my husband was off from work.  Mine was filled with three of my favorite things as noted by the title of this post.

Jax and I started Saturday out with a run.  My day actually started like four hours earlier when Sage first woke up but, hours later, it was wonderful to get out on a cool fall morning with my favorite pup.  He needed some quality time and special attention.  He's definitely been a bit jealous since Sage came along.

We ran two miles together!  I thank Jax for the sporadic breaks he gave me while he stopped to sniff something or, well, the other thing.  This run felt much easier than Thursday's.  I'm just enjoying running again so much.  It's like a best friend I haven't seen in a year and we are having a blast reconnecting.  I hate running in my glasses but my contacts have been bugging my eyes, so that's the deal there. Boo.

(I got in another run on Monday because my husband was watching Sage.  This run felt better.  Three miles conquered.

I returned home to this cuteness.  I'm told he fell asleep almost immediately after this picture.  That explains the tired face.  The hat is so cool.)

Ok, back to earlier in the weekend when we made an impromptu decision to start our Christmas shopping.  We like to get it done before Thanksgiving then I spend December wrapping the gifts and sitting by the tree enjoying the beauty. I never used to shop so early, but it's always a very happy thing paying off Christmas by the New Year rather than starting it in debt.  

Going to the outlet mall with Sage was a huge adventure.  We weren't sure how it would go.  The mall is 40 minutes away so just getting there added to the mix.  To sum it up:  there was some use of the jogger, I nursed him twice in the car (learning experience for sure), two diapers were changed, we moved Sage over to the Moby Wrap, and he then fell asleep and we were able to shop for over an hour more.

I loved walking around with my baby boy!  This was the first time that he really was so content in the wrap.  He eventually just passed out.

He was awake for the Nike store though. I think he loved all the bright lights and colors!

So the relaxation aspect of the weekend was mostly on Sage's part.  We are halfway done with our Christmas shopping.  Woohoo!

Then we drove home four hours later.  Sage has officially found his hand and it was so cute (and funny) listening to him suck on his fingers on the drive home.  Vegan chocolate chip cookies were made while Sage chilled with us in the kitchen.  My husband read him Goodnight Goon that Sage got from his aunt.  And before we knew it, it was bathtime for Sage.

It was a very good weekend.  Just what I needed to reboot.  I only got four broken up hours of sleep Saturday night, but it wasn't Sage's fault.  He slept like a champ.  I was just wide awake after his midnight feeding and couldn't get back to sleep for hours.  I think I was just all energized from the day (or maybe too many cookies before bed).  However, Sunday night, I got close to 7 hours of sleep with only one feeding at 2:30AM.  And last night Sage slept from 7:45PM-2:45AM and then went back to sleep around 4AM until 5:30AM!!!  That's a lot of sleep for this mama.  Turns out pushing Sage's bedtime to 8PM (we kept him up a bit) was a good choice.  So I guess I did get some relaxation as well.

Have you been running?

When do you start your Christmas (or any holiday) shopping?

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