Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sage: Month Two Baby Update


Two months with our beautiful baby Sage have gone by.  Yesterday he officially turned two months old.  It's amazing and yet I can't believe he's already that old!  His personality is truly shining and he's a funny and happy baby boy (most of the time).  He makes me laugh constantly and I just love hanging out with him and getting to know all his quirks.  It's been a very good month.  

A lot of development took place this month and man has Sage grown.  I packed up all the newborn clothes.  At his doctor's appointment he weighed 11 lbs. 13 oz.  That's four pounds heavier than at birth.  I'm so glad I'm still home on a maternity leave because I couldn't imagine going back to work yet.  I'm cherishing every moment home with Sage.

Likes:  Sage loves to look into his parents eyes and have their attention.  He coos and makes little noises talking to us and we talk back.  His grandma visits every week and he smiles and adores having her play and talk to him.  Basically Sage loves being the center of attention. He definitely knows my husband and I very well now and smiles at us, so happy to see his parents!  Seeing all his smiles lately is the absolute best.  Also, Sage likes the fresh air and being outside.  He sleeps on most of his walks in the jogger, but once in a while he wakes up and is curious about the world around him.

Dislikes:  Unfortunately Sage dislikes the bottle now.  The last time he happily took a bottle was when he was one month old.  He has been rejecting the bottle ever since.  This is something we are working on in the hopes that his daddy can then help with more feedings.  My mom did get him to take a few sucks from it this week though.  

Sage also does not like getting out of the bath as he gets cold.  He is unhappy being in his car seat sometimes when he wants to eat or play and gets very upset in the car when this is the case.

When Sage gets overtired he becomes quite cranky.  He gets upset if I take too long changing his diaper and he's hungry. 

Sleeping:  During week seven Sage slept a 4-5 hour stretch almost each night but then regressed to only a three hour stretch.  He's been a light napper lately, sometimes napping for just a half hour, and awake a lot more during the day.  This last week he's been going to bed around 6pm and sleeping for 4-6 hours.  I need to somehow push that stretch more into the night.

Sometimes it's hard to get him back to sleep at night.  He's a really happy guy in the middle of the night who is ready to play!  If I swaddle him, I find it's easier though to then lay him down to sleep on his own.

Eating:  Sage loves to eat!  He's been nursing every 1-4 hours.  As mentioned, he does not dig the bottle.  Stubborn baby boy (like both his parents).  I really do feel so lucky that he took to breastfeeding so easily though.

Playing: Sage's favorite play toy is his mobile which he stares at in his crib each day.  He enjoys watching the mobile spin and giggles and kicks his feet while watching.  A funny thing that we discovered is that Sage loves to play with a little blanket on him.  He loves to move his arms and kicks his legs to get the blanket off, and suck on it.  He gets such a kick out of it.  

His alertness and interest in playtime has increased substantially.  He is not a baby boy that likes to sit around, he wants to play when he's awake.  He'll often happily sit in his swing or carseat starring at the light and toys that we have hanging.

New this month:  Sage has discovered his hands.  He puts his fist in his mouth frequently and I've seen him find his thumb as well.  

After getting advice from a friend to swaddle Sage, I discovered that he likes to be swaddled when sleeping.  He didn't like this weeks ago so this surprised me.  The trick is swaddling him after he's asleep or when he's really tired as he doesn't like having his arms trapped when he's awake.  

Another development happened during tummy time.  Look how he holds up his head!  

Watching Sage grow and become so much more alert has been wonderful this month.  I love interacting with him.  His personality is playful and friendly and I just adore our baby boy.

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  1. I cannot believe I've been reading about him for two months! He's too cute.