Friday, November 14, 2014

I Signed Up for a Half Marathon + My Basic Training Plan

Happy Friday!

I took a big step.  I signed up for a local half marathon at the end of March.  That's a solid four months away.  I can do this.  Maybe.  I need these months to get back into running, and a race is the PERFECT motivator.  The last half I did was in April 2013.  Wow, two years flew by!  This will be my first race post pregnancy and with baby Sage in our lives.  Yay!

I'm not looking to be super fast (although that would be wonderful), I'm just looking to bring out the runner in me again.  She's been hibernating for quite some time now and she's ready to see the world (well, road and treadmill) again.

Check out my very basic plan.  It's meant to accommodate my life, which come the New Year will be very busy once I'm back working fulltime.  Sometimes being busy makes training easier though because you get the run in at the only free chunk of time you have.  Right?  At this point I can't really predict when that will be, but for now I'm home on maternity leave so hopefully it will be a little easier.  And I'm out of shape so it may be a bit painful at first.

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Let's start with the short term goal of really starting running next week.  I'm not going to do most of the runs in terms of miles, but minutes instead.  I'm not sure if it will be treadmill or outdoors as I see snow in the forecast.  I need to start small and progress slowly...

Have a fantastic weekend!

Are you up for training with me?!  Any race plans in your future?

Mamas:  How do you make running fit in your life?


  1. Exciting! Good way to get yourself back out there, and the plan looks conservative and realistic... Good luck!

    1. Conservative and realistic was exactly what I was going for! Thanks Michael!

  2. Great motivator! Good luck :) I've never been a fan of running, but I realllllllly should try giving it a go again.

    1. Thank you! Now we just have to see if I can actually stick to it... It's so hard to get into running when the weather turns to winter!