Monday, November 17, 2014

Quick Life Update

Hi there!

It's winter.  I'm not ready for it.  This picture does not show how hard the snow is coming down.  The ground is now covered as I type this post.

Sage is back to getting up a lot in the night, but he has been napping on his own which is new for us.  He used to take all his naps in my arms and I am working to transition this to him napping alone.  First step, rock n' play in his bedroom.  He has napped in his crib a few times now too.  The last few nights he's been up close to every two hours.  Growth spurt?  However, when he does get up to feed he's really good about going right back to sleep.  I do miss those 5-7 hour stretches he was giving me for weeks though.  I hope they come back soon.  I am really working hard to get him on a napping schedule and bedtime routine.  

I still can't believe it is the holiday season.  I swear it was just August and I gave birth to Sage.  Where did the time go?  Anyways, Sage seriously enjoyed Christmas shopping with his Grandma.  Let's just say he was more than sufficiently entertained at Target.

 My husband and I have decided to look for a treadmill on Black Friday.  I wasn't pleased with what I saw on Craig's List and I'm just not sure joining a gym will be helpful when I'm back at work.  I need to be able to go down to the basement, run, and then be available for Sage.  It just makes more sense all around especially since I want to start training for the half marathon.

I successfully just got air pumped in my tires at Valvoline, grocery shopped with Sage, Sage fell asleep for his second morning nap on the way home, and stayed sleeping when I brought the car seat in the house.  Success!  Now I need to decide what I want for lunch...

I'll definitely be having some of this which I just spotted at Wegmans.

This afternoon we are visiting my husband at work because he has to stay late.  And that just about sums things up for now.

How are you?

Is it snowing by you?


  1. Ughhh snow! We got some this weekend too - I seriously hope it isn't sticking around yet. That nog looks tasty, I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it!

    1. The nog is SO TASTY! Tastes like the real stuff if you ask me, but better! I saw it at Target :)

  2. That nog looks intriguing - might have to hit up Wegmans to check it out. That is one good thing about being an omnivore - nothing is off-limits for me :)

    Love the in-cart picture ... Lisa and I were reminiscing about those days this weekend as we were out shopping and saw someone trying to manage shopping around a sleeping baby in the cart!

    Totally also get it on the sleep cycles ... we went through a period with our younger son where it seemed like he had a detector for when you tried to leave the room and would start to cry ... tired nights!

    Definitely snowing here! Snow I don't mind, but we're supposed to see single digit temps tomorrow morning ... ugh!

    1. I bet you'll really like the nog! Got to love Wegmans. Yesss to tired nights. It's worth every exhausted moment but the lack of sleep is definitely no joke. That's really sweet about you and your wife. Special memories!

  3. Although the cold totally sucks, I am jealous of the snow. We got snow once so far and it was like... a dusting, pathetic! That's interesting about Sage's sleeping habits... maybe he is doing some growing or going through changes that make things different. That's awesome that he can nap alone though!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I hope you get a little snow your way... :)