Sunday, December 14, 2014

Life Lately

Hey hey hey!

Happy holiday season! 

I took a little blogging break the last week aside from Sage's four month update.  My husband and I both came down with a horrible stomach bug last Monday.  Thankfully it hit us nine hours apart from each other because it was the kind of bug where it hits you out of the blue and just standing is a challenge.  Just as my husband was coming back to life, it washed over me.  It took 48 hours to really come around.  My dad came to the rescue and helped us care for Sage last Tuesday because we really needed the help.

So what do you do after 4 days of not really eating anything?  Grocery shop!  Sage and I went shopping together on Friday and stocked up the kitchen with the goods.  Fresh start.  It's a beautiful thing to be happy to eat again.

Another thing that makes life easier is getting our Honest Company shipment each month.  I fell in love with the shampoo and conditioner during pregnancy, and now I think the honest wipes are the best on the market.  And the bubble bath makes Sage smell like heaven (not that he doesn't already to me).

On Friday night, my husband took Sage and I to my favorite vegan cafe for dinner.  We shared a Tofurky club, peanut noodle appetizer, and an Apple Maple Cupcake (best cupcake ever) while Sage starred at the lights.  Successful family date!  On the car ride home my hubby surprised me with some swag from the cafe including a tank top and hoodie that I will now be living in.

I bought the below book after reading this review.  Every recipe involves chocolate and is vegan so I was immediately intrigued.  There is also a ton of information about the superfood that is cacao which just made my chocolate loving soul happy.

So far I've just made the Double Chocolate Cookies.  Truly guilt free cookies and CHOCOLATE!

Yesterday we did some shopping at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.  I just realized now that I posed with Sage in front of the men's boxers, ha!

And the biggest news of all: the treadmill is setup in our basement (thank you, Dad!).  I wanted to make sure I was fully recovered before hopping on for a run.  I should probably mention that I've also been super sleep deprived because baby boy has been up a lot lately, but we're working on that.  All in good time...but a run will happen this week!!!

What's new in your world?


  1. Hearing how much you love the Honest Co. wipes has me so excited to start using ours once the babies arrive! p.s. I'm glad you & your hubby are feeling better. It's never fun being sick :(

    1. Thanks Jessie! The Honest wipes are THE BEST!