Monday, December 15, 2014

Eat & Run Kind of Day

Hi there!

Yesterday was a very good day.  An eat & run fun filled kind of Sunday.  In the morning, we went to Fleet Feet so my husband could get some new running sneakers.  By the time we were through with that, we were both starved so we headed to pickup some takeout from my favorite vegan cafe (once again, twice in one weekend!).

Just can't get enough of those Tofurky clubs.  And those cheddar chips are made by earth balance - vegan and gluten free, and AMAZING!

We couldn't not get a holiday cupcake to split...

Sage did us the favor of taking his nap along the journey...

In the afternoon, we watched The Theory of Everything, a movie based on Stephen Hawking's life.  It was really good and I definitely recommend it.  Well, we got halfway through the movie and decided if we wanted to get in a workout that Sage was in the perfect point between naps, and we should give it a whirl.  I was super tired from my late night wakings with baby boy, but my husband encouraged me to get moving because he knew (and I knew too) that it would make me feel better, and it sure did.  I needed a good sweaty workout.  Sage joined us in the basement and had so much fun watching his parents run on the treadmill and do circuits.  He was also great inspiration for us to work hard!

First family workout session in the basement.  I love having a gym down there!  It truly makes getting a workout in possible.  

And finally, a run on the new treadmill!  I am now beginning my half marathon training plan.  I still have 13 weeks to train which isn't too bad.  I've trained for races in much less.  I'm not trying to set any records at this one.  Just get in a race for the fun of it.


How was your Sunday?


  1. That lunch looks awesome! Have you tried the white cheddar popcorn from Earth Balance? It is my FAVORITE!

  2. Isn't it so true? Though tired that sweat is mommy therapy and often times is what gets me through the tough days - if I miss more than 2 days of workouts my hubby can tell :) and he makes me go sweat because he knows I'll be a happier mom and wife!! Way to go mommy!