Friday, January 2, 2015

Documenting 2015 with a Picture a Day (Follow Along!)

Hey hey hey!

The snow has returned to Central New York.  We had a rainy Christmas and now the chill and snow are back.  Mother Nature plays games with us around here.  

I wanted to fill you in on my plan for 2015!  I love pictures as I'm sure you can tell from my space here at Love A Latte.  I plan to take a picture a day for all of 2015.  Of course I'll probably take more than a picture a day (let's be real, I love photographing my baby boy), but I'll be sharing a picture a day via Instagram.  It's my way of holding onto a moment from each day to have to look back on and for others (like you!) to follow.  

If you're interested in following my journey as a new mom, wife, plant-based eater, latte & coffee enthusiast, dog lover, runner...then please follow me on Instagram (click here!).  This is going to be really fun!  I plan to keep it real and document my life day-to-day.  I got the idea from others on Instagram and I think it's a great one.    

I'm going to use the hashtags #lovalatte and #pictureaday among others.  Like I mentioned previously, I'm not sure what blogging will look like this year as I'm back to work now and life is busy, busy, but I'm still here.  I'll probably post more frequently at times and less at others.

Day 1. Started out the New Year with a BIG soy latte and errands with the family #lovalatte #pictureaday
 Let the journey of 2015 begin...

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  


  1. This will be really cool to look back on after the year is over and possibly make a flip book or fast video out of all the images to see your whole year in photos!

    And omg Sage with the latte. Adorbs!

  2. CUTE picture of your baby! :)