Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Confessions of a New Mama (Two)

Hi there!

I had fun with my last confessions post, so I'm here for another.  Again, lack of sleep is totally to blame for most of these, however, Sage only got up once at 12:30AM last night.  It's 6AM now and I hear him babbling to himself in his crib. Best alarm clock sound ever!

And here I go with some confessions...

Confession #1 - I now wear makeup under my eyes.  I didn't used to, but I'm determined to not look as tired as I feel.  It's all part of convincing myself I'm not that tired

Confession #2 - The other day I got to work and couldn't remember if I had let my dog back in the house before leaving.  My husband couldn't remember either.  Normally I tell Jax goodbye and what a good dog he is (and that I haven't forgotten about him even though I'm very busy with baby Sage) as he lays in our bed, but that morning I was rushing and just left.  Thank goodness my neighbor was home and she rang our doorbell to make sure Jax was inside  He responded promptly by running to the door very excited.  I can share this now only because he was safe at home.  

Confession #3 - I haven't colored my hair in 15 months.  I decided not to color it during pregnancy and then I had no time in the early weeks with baby boy, and now I have no desire.  I'm kind of digging the natural look and wow is it much less maintenance!

Confession #4 - I eat chocolate or some dessert everyday.  That tub of ice cream pictured above is all mine.  No guilt.  All happy goodness.  I thank breastfeeding for my massive appetite.  A chocolate dessert is a wonderful pick-me-up at 3PM.  That and a steaming hot soy decaf latte. 

Confession #5 - I've never seen myself act so goofy as when I'm playing with Sage.  I sing songs that make no sense and make funny noises and faces just to see his smile and hear him laugh.  

Confession #6 - I'm so proud of everything Sage does.  If he eats carrots, I applaud.  If he rolls over, I praise him.  The other day he pooped after not going for 24 hours and my husband and I were so happy.  He got cheers.  I'm sure many parents can relate to feeling this way.  So proud of our babies!

Confession #7 - I don't worry about putting Sage in matching clothes.  The thing is that he looks cute no matter what he's wearing.  A perfectly matching outfit is not priority, but hey he's clean and dressed! I'll make more of an effort when he goes to kindergarten, I swear, but for now I'm not sweating it.  

Hope you enjoyed a few of my latest confessions.  

Can you relate to any of these?


  1. So what you're saying is I need to invest in some good concealer for the future, eh? ;)

    I also kind of can't wait to eat even more when breastfeeding. My hunger has been pretty crazy these last few weeks as I think baby is stealing WAY more of my food now to fatten up!

  2. Kind of jealous that you stopped coloring your hair! I've been doing mine for soooo long that I'm afraid I wouldnt look like myself! I'm totally jealous of how much money and time you must be saving by skipping it.

  3. Definitely the chocolate one. :) You and your baby are so cute together.

  4. Oh I laughed because sooo many of these remind me of ME :) I totally couldn't remember where the dog was (if I'd let him in, out, garage) and freaked the other day - guess what? in the same room with me just behind the chair :)