Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sage: Month Six Baby Update

Hi there!

Sage turned six months old yesterday.  Half a year?!  That's just crazy to me.  What a ball of fun he is.  I'm loving this age.

Likes:  Sage has many of the same likes as last month.  He loves to play on his mat and roll around.  He loves chewing on all his toys.  Having his parents attention is always a blast.  He laughs with his parents and gets a kick out of being tickled.  Sage still loves grabbing blankets.  He discovered the dogs much more this month and thinks they are hilarious!  They have become huge entertainment pieces in our home.  He will sit in his rolling chair just staring at them smiling and giggling with excitement.  Thank you Jax and Lincoln for entertaining Sage so wonderfully!

Dislikes:  Being hungry and/or tired.  Pretty consistent in this category.

Eating:  This is the first month that Sage now eats more from a bottle than he nurses.  He is at the sitter all during the workweek and he takes 3-4 bottles a day there (3-5 oz. from each bottle).  I nurse him when he wakes up in the morning and before he goes to bed (and during the night on demand).  We also started giving Sage rice cereal most days.  At first he wasn't so sure about the rice cereal, but it has grown on him.  He is fascinated by the spoon that the rice cereal is on!

Sage has also tried oatmeal, oatmeal with bananas, peas, sweet potatoes and carrots this month.  The sweet potatoes and carrots were a hit.  Sage gets rice cereal at lunchtime most days and we started giving him oatmeal often before bed.  Still tiny portions as a lot doesn't make it in his mouth.

Playing:  Playing has involved a lot of rolling this month.  Baby boy is rolling this way and that.  He is certainly on the move this month.  He rolls across the family room floor and is also getting better at moving himself in his rolling chair.  He loves chewing on his Sophie Giraffe and Honest teethers, and manipulates toys really well.  He knows how to get them into his mouth just right.  Sage now spends a good amount of time in his rolling chair and jumper seat as he loves to sit and watch his parents and the dogs move around the house.  The jumper seat is perfect for chewing on toys as well.

Sleeping:  We have a set bedtime routine and Sage knows the drill.  At 6:30pm its bath time each night.  Sage is enjoying the bath more now and started playing with toys, although, chewing on a wet washcloth is still the best.  After bath, we cuddle him in a towel and dry him off, and put on a fresh diaper for the night.  Daddy sets up the white noise on the iPad and gets the humidifier fresh water.  Mama takes Sage to the rocker and nurses him for around 30 minutes.  When Sage is full and sleepy, mama transfers Sage to the crib and Sage generally quickly drifts off to sleep around 7:15ish.   

Sage still gets up to feed in the night.  For a short lived period it was just once in the night between 11pm and 1am.  Also, Sage sometimes will get up at 5am to feed, but then go back to sleep for another hour or two.  However, most recently with the appearance of his first tooth, he has been up more frequently in the night (like three times...yikes).   

Sage takes fantastic naps at the sitter.  He takes a morning and afternoon nap that is generally 1-2.5 hours in length in the pack n' play.  On the other hand, Sage does not nap as well for his parents on the weekend and tends to take much shorter ones for us.  We joke that he just loves hanging out with us so much.

New this month:  Sage just started rolling over onto his tummy in his crib at night.  He did this for the first time two nights ago and took us by surprise!  

Trying more solid foods.

Rolling, rolling, rolling...on the floor, on the changing table (we have to be super careful!), in his crib... He moves from back to front easily now and he looks up on his tummy so proud of himself.

Fascinated by our dogs (and any dogs for that matter).  They are so funny to Sage.

Sage is ticklish!  It's so fun tickling him under his armpits and watching him giggle.

Talking lots and sings sometimes.  Love his little voice.

Will take a bottle from mama.

Also, will hold the bottle feeding himself for short periods of time on his own.

Sage found his feet!

Key Dates:

Jan 18 - Weighed at doctor:  15 pounds 13 oz

Jan 20 - First ear infection 

Jan 24 - Tried peas (first veggie!) and not all that impressed

Jan 24 - Slept 7pm to 8am with 11pm & 5am feeding (longest sleep overall)

Jan 28 - Tooth coming through in the bottom middle of his mouth.  There were a few nights that he woke up screaming and we think this explains it.

Jan 30 - liked sweet potatoes 

Sage is such a happy boy.  Watching him grow and learn is absolutely amazing.  I cannot believe how quickly six months have gone by.  Happy half birthday my sweet boy!

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  1. Wow, 6 months already? Time is flying, I'm glad you're taking time to enjoy the baby days :)