Sunday, March 29, 2015

Busy Mama's Plant-Based Eats

Hi there!

This is how I started my day.  Chocolate chia seed pudding (almond milk + chia seeds + splash of maple syrup + dark chocolate cocoa powder - made last night) and then added the toppings this morning.  It was nice to have something different for breakfast.

We really stocked up our refrigerator and cupboards this weekend.  My husband cleaned out our freezer getting rid of anything that had been in there for months unused just taking up space.  It's a great feeling starting fresh!  We hit up both Wegmans and Trader Joe's (and still managed to come home without Vegenaise, bah!).  How are we supposed to make the Tempeh BLTs without the Vegenaise?!  Must return to the store.

I'm a busy mama as mamas are.  I work full-time and when I get home at night I want a simple nutritious meal and just to spend time with my hubby, baby and pups.  I need good food to keep me fueled during the day too, of course.  Sage still isn't sleeping through the night, so if I get a 4 or 5 hour stretch that's incredible.  I rely on plant-based foods to keep me strong and energized.  

Here's what I'll be eating this week:

I try to start most days with a protein shake.  Right now I have Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder (not my fav, Vegan Smart is the best!).  I mix protein powder with almond milk, PB or almond butter, banana, chia seeds, spinach or kale, and ice and then drink it on the way to work.  Great way to get some happy calories and start the day.

I'm excited about these yogurts I found for snacking and toast makes an appearance many days as another morning snack.  My favorite toast toppings are avocado, PB, almond butter or Tofutti (vegan amazing cream cheese).

I've been trying to have salads for lunch.  It's the easiest way to get in veggies.  I'll be bringing this salad a bunch this week.  Kale + carrots + mushrooms + avocado + sesame seeds + ginger sesame dressing.  I also keep a bag of dried cranberries, hemp seeds and almonds in my desk at work to throw into my salads.  Got to load it up with the goods otherwise salad is no fun.

I have ice cream every night.  Or almost ever night.  I recently found this kind at TJ's and it is incredible.  

I've got plans to make sesame tofu tonight with kale, sweet potato, and brown rice.  We generally don't cook a tofu dish like this during the week because we want something a bit quicker after the workday.  Other weeknight meals include butternut squash ravioli mixed with kale and topped with marinara, those Tempeh BLTs, Amy's pizza, and possibly a peanut noodle stir fry.

Today is spring cleaning around here.  Sage is practically crawling and I have this strong desire for him not to be crawling through puffs of dog fur.  On that note, let the cleaning begin!

What's a simple go-to meal of yours?


  1. That chia seed pudding looks tasty! Would you believe I still haven't made even one chia pudding? I drool every time I see them. Do you like that coconut milk yogurt? I tried a different brand before and it didn't have the tang I normally like in yogurt, just very sweet.

    1. I don't make chia seed pudding often, but man it was so good that I should! This yogurt was sweet, I like so delicious coconut milk yogurt better.

  2. I just started reading your blog recently. Sage is the happiest baby ever! LOVE all his sweet smiles :)
    Do you have a recipe for your choc chia pudding breakfast? It looks delicious!!

    1. Thanks so much Heather and thanks for reading! I got that chia seed pudding recipe from recipes!! Enjoy! :)

  3. I love go to salads...just keep lots of veggies, proteins, seeds on hand...toss or cold salads are so easy and tasty!!