Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sage: Month Eight Baby Update

Hi there!

Baby Sage is 8 months old.  Wow!!!  How is it possible that time went this fast?  
It's been a great month.  Here's what's been happening with Sage the last month!

Likes:  Sage loves to play, play, play!  He still spends time each day in his bouncing chair where he can touch and chew his toys and BOUNCE!  He's got some strong long legs on him.  Also, Sage loves being with the other kids at the sitter.  It makes my heart so happy when I see him smile at them and get excited to play.  Of course he loves playing with his parents too and loves having our attention.  He runs errands with us each weekend and has a blast at the grocery store - so much to look at.  The dogs are still huge entertainment for Sage.  He's gotten much better at petting Jax (well, more like pulling his fur) and Jax is really good about it.

Dislikes:  Now that Sage can roll with ease he doesn't like staying on his back for diaper changes and he expresses himself when he wants to get away and play!  Trying to change his diaper or get him dressed can be a challenge at times as he just wants to flip over and be on the move.  He especially likes to go after the lamp by his changing area.

Eating:  Sage now eats three meals a day along with taking bottles of breastmilk.  At every meal he has either oatmeal or rice cereal mixed with breastmilk and a fruit or veggie purée.  Sage loves all the fruits and veggies these days.  This month he tried butternut squash and liked it.  Lately he'll eat whatever one we give him.  We give him Earth's Best and Beech-Nut organic foods including all the fruit/veggie purées, rice cereal and oatmeal.

Sage also started sucking on foods this month like apples, carrot sticks, and mango.

Sleeping:  Sage takes two naps each day, one around 9am and 1pm.  They are typically 1-2 hours in length.  Sage still naps better at the sitter during the week, but he is getting better at napping for his parents on the weekend.

Sage still gets up in the night, but we are down to one feeding (most nights).  I'll only feed him once during the night (mostly) because I know he can go a long stretch without eating.  We give him a good dinner at 5:30pm and a bottle before bed.  Sage is typically sleeping by 7:15pm each night and wakes up around 6-6:30am. 

Playing:  Baby boy is always playing!  Never a dull moment.  He's a ball of energy.  He's all about moving around.  He loves his train toy that lights up and sings and he pushes down the animals that pop-up.  Sage now plays in his pack n' play as well.  This is the first month he's spent time in there.  It makes it easier on us parents getting dinner ready and taking care of things around the house.  He loves playing with his toys in there and he can see out the sides so the dogs provide entertainment too.  Sage still loves his bouncy chair and spends time in it every night.  Little dude knows how to bounce!  It's hysterical when he just bounces non-stop. 

New this month:  A big thing is the fact that Sage now sits and plays.  It used to be all rolling, but now he can sit for long periods of time.  It's so amazing to me.  Also, Sage does the army crawl and drags himself across the floor.  He also gets up on all fours and rocks.  He certainly knows how to cover some distance by dragging himself on the floor and rolling.  And he just started crawling (like real crawling!) this week.  He doesn't always do it, but he knows how to for sure.  Most mornings when I go in his room to greet him, he's up on all fours in his crib.

Key Dates:

March 13 - Slept 7:00pm-6:30am with one feeding at 11pm (great job!)

March 18 - Rocking up on all fours...almost crawling!

March 25 - Sitting in bath playing with toys.  Sage used to lay in his tub in a cloth insert, but now he sits up like a big boy.  He loves bath now.

March 26 - Almost crawled at sitter - took first movement forward up on all fours.

March 29 - Slept 9 STRAIGHT HOURS! 7-4! First for Sage.

April 2 - Played outside for first time with buddies at the sitter.

At home that night, crawled few steps!  And slept 7:15pm-6:45am with a quick feed at 2am.
April 3 - Walk in the stroller with his parents - first time since the fall when I was home on maternity leave.
Slept 7:15pm-6:00am with quick feed at 1am.
April 6 - CRAWLING!!!

Sage, you are our sunshine.  Watching you grow and learn is the most amazing gift.  We love you so much.  This month has been a blast.  Onto the next!


  1. 8 months sounds like such a fun age! That was always my favorite age to baby sit babys. They can do so many fun things but aren't walking and totally getting into everything just yet.

    He is seriously SO adorable. Gonna be a heart breaker!