Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sage: Month Nine Baby Update

Hi there!

Happy 9 months old to Sage!  What an incredibly fun age.  Sooo much development and learning of new skills took place this month for Sage.  He seemed to change everyday!  It's just fantastic to be a part of.  I've got about a million photos from this month.

Here are the updates:

Likes:  Sage likes to be on the move!  He still enjoys is bouncy chair and rolling chair, but he seriously wants his floor time now.  He is all over by army crawling and up on all fours.  Suddenly he’ll have gone from the family room to the kitchen.  If we are sitting on the floor with him, Sage loves to crawl over us.  We are no obstacle to him!  He still likes to crawl to Jax and “pet” him.  He just started pulling himself up on the ottomans too (more on that below!).


Dislikes:  Sage is a very happy boy, but he gets cranky if he’s got a dirty diaper (duh), hungry, or tired.  All completely understandable.

Playing:  All day long Sage plays, plays, plays!  He is much better at manipulating toys.  He presses buttons, maneuvers toys, picks up his toy ball, and loves watching toys light up.  Peek-a-boo is a great time as well.  When Sage is sitting in his highchair, I duck down below and then pop up and he thinks it is hilarious.

Eating:  For most of the month, Sage was eating three meals each day consisting of rice cereal, oatmeal, or barley mix with a veggie or fruit puree, and then drinking bottles (breast milk) as well.  However, Sage had a rash appear on his face at the end of the month and we decided to limit his diet to eliminate a food allergy as a possibility.  For the last week Sage has just been having just rice cereal and breast milk.  We learned that Sage has eczema though so we are now reintroducing foods.  First up was some homemade sweet potatoes!

Sleeping:  Sleep got worse and then better.  At the beginning of the month Sage started getting up twice each night.  Eight month sleep regression?  That then progressed to just up once in the night for a feeding.  And then for the first time this month Sage went ALL NIGHT without a feeding.  We had to do a little bit of sleep training to encourage Sage to self soothe.  Good job, baby boy!

New this month:

Sage now has 5 teeth!

Sage sat up in his crib for the first time this month (we promptly lowered the crib).

Sage pulled himself up into standing position for the first time this month.

Sage pulled himself up on the ottomans and can walk along while holding on.  

He’s learning to sit/fall more gracefully  from the standing position as well.

Loves the baby swing at the playground.

Loves standing in daddy's lap looking out our front window.

We learned Sage has eczema from the dermatologist.  We are working on making it better for our boy.  Luckily he's happy as a clam, it just doesn't look so great to his parents.

Key dates:

April 15 - congested, up 3 times in the night 

April 21 - Awake 11-3AM, but the next day his first top tooth was in!

April 24 -19 pounds 5 oz at DR, had a mild ear infection

April 24 - Tried to pull himself up using bar in tub, got pretty close!

April 28 - Standing holding onto couch, trying to pull himself up in tub more

April 28 - Slept 7:30-6 with feeding at 1:30

April 29 - Pulled himself into standing position in the tub

May 2 - 19 pounds 10 oz

May 3- Sitting in crib!!! And pulled himself into standing position using the ottoman in family room

May 5 - Started feeding Sage just rice cereal and breast milk (trying to determine if he has a food allergy)

May 9 - Went out to lunch and Sage was drinking water out of a little cup.  Also, first time sitting in the cart at Trader Joe's - loved it!

May 8 - First time for no night feeding! Slept 8:35-5:50 - cried for 10 min at 11 then fell back asleep until morning

Everyday Sage seems older.  He's looking more like a little boy than baby (sigh...) and we are just loving every minute with him.  I still can't believe it's been 9 months.  Onto the next!

Did your baby get eczema?  Any advice?

When did you wean from breast milk and/or formula?

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