Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Morning: I Spy Autumn


It's Saturday morning and Sage is napping.  My husband just made french toast and now we're relaxing before our boy wakes up.  As soon as he's up it's go, go, go!  He was up bright and early this morning.  I made my shake and Sage had toast and blackberries.  We played with his toys for a bit and then took off for a morning walk.

I didn't realize fall had made an appearance until I looked at this photo.  Check out those leaves!  I love fall.  It's by far my favorite time of year so this gets me so excited.  Last fall I was off work on my maternity leave.  So many mornings Sage and I enjoyed the autumn beauty.  Boy has he grown from this picture taken a year ago.

So the fact that I know fall is around the corner makes me want to start diving into what I consider fall recipes.  I'm not quite ready for pumpkin, but butternut squash here I come!  I really don't reserve butternut squash just for this time of year, but I see it a lot more in recipes around now.  

Oh, and if you haven't made this recipe for butternut squash alfredo yet, it's a must!  Best part is you just store the sauce in the fridge and can whip up a quick delicious dinner on a busy night.  I'm a big fan of pasta when the weather turns cold.  We aren't there yet, but I'm gearing up.

Today my parents are dropping their two little dogs off at our house because they have a wedding to go to.  Sage loves the dogs so they will be his entertainment for the afternoon.  

In other news, there's been some fun packages arriving at our door lately.  Even Jax looks excited, right?  If you missed my last post, check out this awesome opportunity coming your way in September.  I'm also planning on hosting a 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge that will be FREE to all of you!  More details on that to come.  I use Facebook as my main way of spreading the word.  I also posted a few videos last week on simple dinners.  Visit my page so we can stay connected!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

What recipe do you associate with fall?

Is it starting to look like autumn by you?

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