Sunday, August 9, 2015

Seattle Vacation + My Baby is Turning One


We just got back from vacationing in Portland and Seattle, and it was fantastic!  The weather was perfect and hotter in Portland than we expected.  This was the second time my husband and I had been to Seattle (first time was on our honeymoon three years ago), but this was our first time with Sage.  What an adventure.  

Sage did a great job sleeping through the night on vacation (absolute miracle!) and the flight to Portland was pretty smooth, but coming home from Seattle things got interesting.  Baby boy only slept for half the flight so for the other 2+ hours he needed to be occupied.  He would have been totally happy if he could have crawled/walked all over the plane and visited with people, but they frown against that, so he had to stay in the seat with mommy and daddy (and the very nice young man sitting in the window seat who was (thankfully) understanding about Sage's fits when we wouldn't let him go in the aisle...).  Anyways, 14 hours of travel and we were back home.

I probably could do a post on each day, but I'll touch on the highlights in one post.

I liked Portland, but loved Seattle.  My husband and I fell in love with the city all over again.  We used Airbnb for the first time and I cannot say enough good things.  We rented a house in Portland and that was fun even though we didn't really need a whole house.  In Seattle, we rented a ground floor apartment of a lady's home by the University of Washington and the area was awesome.  It was in walking distance to Metropolitan Market, so bright and early each day I wore Sage in the carrier and we walked to get breakfast.  The neighborhood was beautiful and I took too many pictures of other people's houses.  She also had a chicken coop which was super fun for Sage and we all got to pet a chicken.  The location was a quick ride to downtown too.   Basically Sage did all his napping on the trip in the car while my husband and I drove all over the cities.  I'd run in and grab a coffee and we'd carry on.  We truly got a feel for the cities this way.  On our honeymoon we had walked everywhere so this was a completely different experience.  Sage's favorite part of the vacation was Green Lake Park in Seattle because he got to crawl all over the grass and eat pine cones.  

The funniest part was the fact that Sage fell asleep on the Duck Tour in Seattle.  Now if you haven't been on a Duck Tour, let me describe it.  It's a bus that become a boat.  There is blasting music and the driver takes you on a tour of the city.  The whole experience is a blast and very loud.  Fifteen minutes into the hour and a half experience and Sage was sound asleep for the remainder of the tour.  This is a boy who sometimes wakes up if you breathe too loud while he's napping.  The fact that he slept through the Duck Tour is hilarious and crazy cute.

We also went back to the Chihuly exhibit while there.  I took this same picture of my husband on our honeymoon, so it was special getting the shot again with Sage.

Sage had fun checking out all of the colors!

There was lots of delicious food - my favorite was the Portage Bay Cafe in Seattle that had vegan banana pancakes.  We went to Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream Shop a bunch.  Din Tai Fung was delicious.  I could eat the veggie dumplings everyday.  We had to go there twice.

One of my favorite thing from Portland was taking Sage to the Oregon Zoo.  It had beautiful green surroundings.  Relaxing to stroll through the trees.  Sage was interested in some of the animals, but by far his favorite part was the stuffed animal snake we got him.

We hadn't taken a big vacation since our honeymoon back in August 2012, so this was a real treat.  It was wonderful having our boy with us even though the plane ride back was tough.  Totally worth it.  There are so many more things we did, but here's a glimpse.

In other big news, Sage turns ONE this week!  What an incredible year.  Becoming a mother has been just the best thing ever.  This morning I made chocolate cupcakes for our boy (recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World) with coconut whipped cream.  It's going to be fun seeing Sage dig in.

I hope all is well in your world!

Did you take any vacations this summer?  

Have you been to Seattle?


  1. Haha! I love that he fell asleep on the Duck Tour! Caroline fell asleep this year during the grand finale of the Fourth of July fireworks. I was becoming deafer by the second and she was snoozing away! I wish I could sleep like them ;-) Glad you had a fun time!

  2. Happy Birthday to Sage! :) I love Seattle -- my sister lives there so we go out there semi-often, but I haven't been to Portland yet. I know both are super veg friendly, so I know you got to eat lots of delicious foods. Glad you had fun!