Friday, January 15, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 12 Weeks Update


Happy Friday!  I’m back with my first pregnancy #2 update!  Let’s get to it.

(I wrote this post on December 29, 2015)

Weeks:  12 

Total Weight Gain:  At my appointment just before Christmas I was up 5 pounds…

My Body:  It’s a changing!  I stopped breastfeeding Sage about six months ago and my body found its happy weight afterwards.  I had gotten quite slim while breastfeeding so I put a few pounds back on when that journey came to an end.  I do think my body is changing faster this time around.  It took a long while for my middle to look any different with my first pregnancy, but just last night my husband told me he could see my baby belly.

Clothes:  I’ve been in maternity pants since 10 weeks.  It just wasn’t worth feeling uncomfortable in my regular pants.  Luckily I had a stack waiting for me in my closet from the last round.  I did order a few new tops from Target though.  This time around my work is casual dress so that makes things a lot easier.

Cravings:  Grains, greens and tofu!  I want it for every meal.  Hoping for a huge meal of sesame tofu with kale, sweet potato and brown rice for dinner tonight.  Considering all I wanted was carbs for like two months, this is a pleasant change.  Also, I used to love a chocolate shake (packed with super foods) every morning for breakfast, but I haven’t been able to stomach a shake for a few months now.  I’m hoping to start drinking them again soon because it’s great nutrition and would be a nice change here and there from my sprouted wheat bagel with Tofutti.

Sleep:  I am tired all the time.  I’m pretty much ready for bed as soon as I wake up.  I’m typically asleep by 9PM and up in the morning between 5-7AM.  Mostly depends on when Mr. Sage wakes up and whether it’s a workday or the weekend.  I would say fatigue is my biggest symptom at this point.  Can I take a nap right now?

Best Moment(s):  It was such a wonderful holiday season!  We told our families a few days before Christmas the news and that was really fun for us.  We put Sage in a shirt that says “being promoted to big brother” and it was comical seeing how long it took people to read his shirt.  My husband and I got a good laugh.

Goals:  Now that my nausea isn’t nearly as bad, I want to eat more fruits and veggies.  I’m back to craving all the good stuff so that should make it easier.  Also, I want to spend all my free time with Sage and my husband.  Workdays are long and when I get home I just want to cherish that time with my family (the reason I haven’t made much of an appearance here in the last year).  I’d like to start doing some light workouts.  I was going strong with PiYo before I got pregnant, but that went out the window when my nausea hit.  A very big goal is to clean out the spare bedroom that will become the baby’s room.  It is currently our junk room filled with clothes, books, paperwork…just a mess.  We have got a project on our hands and I definitely want it done in the second trimester.

Other:  For some reason I keep thinking this baby is a girl.  I’m not sure why, but “baby girl” is how I often refer to him/her in my mind.  I will be delighted either way, but it’s funny how this time around I have such a strong feeling about it.

Have a fabulous weekend!  

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  1. You are too cute with Sage! The fatigue of a second pregnancy is what I'm worried about most with having a baby already around. I remember that first trimester haze of going to bed right after dinner. It's the worst exhaustion in the world! I hope things look up soon in that department!