Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 18 Weeks Update

Hi there!

Hello, 18 weeks!  I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Best noise in the world (along with when Sage says woof in a super cute high voice in response to “what does a dog say?”).  I’m actually not feeling that great today.  My stomach has just been off.  A few people at the office have been sick, so I’m really hoping this isn’t actually something but rather an off day.  Here’s what has been going on with me this week.

Weeks:  18 weeks!  How am I almost halfway?

Weight Gain:  10 pounds

My Body:  I’ve got a little bump.  I’m still not sure if outsiders can tell I’m pregnant, but it’s obvious if you know that I am.  Otherwise you probably just think I live on cookies and ice cream.

I'm feeling more movement which is one of my very favorite thing about pregnancy.  I feel the happy little flutters.  It's not always consistent each day and takes me by surprise and makes me so happy.  Hi baby!!  

Cravings:  Pasta, please. I really do make a big effort to eat well, but this pregnancy is throwing me for a bit of a loop food wise.  A lot of food just isn’t that appealing.  I did have a veggie sub for lunch yesterday which tasted great and I snacked on red pepper and cucumber in hummus.  I would eat some sort of pasta for dinner pretty much every night though.  Pesto on pasta rocks.  Marinara sauce is delicious.  Mac & Cheese is all I want.  Oddly, I’m not hungry when I wake up and I really can’t stomach anything immediately.  I get up around 6 o’clock most days and don’t eat breakfast until 8 o’clock.  This is drastically different than my pregnancy with Sage.  I do need to eat often though.  Side note:  Did you hear Ben & Jerry’s came out with vegan ice cream flavors?  I tweeted my grocery store to find out if they will be getting it soon.  Ice cream always sounds good.

Sleep:  It has been a great week of sleep.  I’ve definitely fallen asleep by 9 o’clock multiple times.  I am beat by bedtime.

Best Moments:  We made big progress in Sage’s new room (so the baby can take over his current room).  The room is really close to being ready for us to officially move him over.  We got him a bookcase/storage unit this weekend for toys and he was even so excited about it that he climbed in.  We try to spend time each day in the spare room so he starts to become familiar with it.  I can’t wait to get his new room officially setup!  Also, it feels so good to just clean junk out.  I’m so over having a bunch of stuff.

Hope you have a great week!

What’s your favorite kind of pasta dish?

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  1. I really hope you're not getting sick! Legit everyone I know is and we just had it too. Praying it passes you by! Your food/eating really sounds exactly like my pregnancy with Claire. I felt so bad the whole time that I only wanted carbs and sugar. I totally gave into it and she is fine (I think) and now I'm much healthier in terms of eating, so I wouldn't feel too bad! That must be exciting about his room. Please share both when you're done :)