Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 17 Weeks Update

Hi there!

These weeks are completely flying this time around.  I feel accomplished just getting this weekly post up and very much wonder how I ever posted daily.  I so appreciate all of you bloggers who post more than I make a habit of because I really enjoy reading your posts.

Today marks 17 weeks.  Baby is the size of an onion!

Weight:  Up another pound or two for sure.  Appointment is next week.  I wouldn’t dare wear any pants but maternity ones and I’m digging more into my maternity shirts at this point.

My Body:  This was the week of having a head cold.  YUCK.  Last Wednesday I started to feel it coming on and then it hit hard.  I was really congested Friday to Sunday.  When I got up this morning I finally felt significantly better.  Still a bit congested, but I’m almost over it.  So, the cold pretty much dominated my week.  I can’t really judge how I was feeling this week accurately because basically I felt like my head was in a bag all week.  I got through the work days and rested as much as a (almost) 18 month year old will let you each night.  My husband had a cold too so that was kind of a bummer for both of us.  Sage has just been sniffling though so I hope it stays that way.  On a very happy note, I’ve been feel little flutters of the baby more!  Mostly at night when I’m lying in bed before sleep or sometimes after a meal.  I definitely felt some flutters after eating a chocolate vegan cupcake.  I mean who wouldn’t do a happy dance about that.

Cravings:  This is the pregnancy of carbs.  Is a plate of spaghetti with a side piece of bread ok for dinner…again?  I have been making a valiant effort to eat more than just carbs though.  They are just what I want.  Food in general just isn’t as appetizing at the moment.  Could be the cold, but it kind of feels like a pregnancy thing too.  I made my favorite curry tofu dish with butternut squash on Sunday night and while it was tasty, it just didn’t do it for me.  Glad Sage loved it though because I gave him all the leftovers.

Sleep:  I could not sleep well being congested all week, but last night I slept 8 hours straight since I was feeling better.  Woohoo!

Best Moments:  Going to toddler gym on Sunday with my husband and Sage.  It is just a blast watching Sage play and it was good for me to be up and about even if I was still recovering a bit from my cold.  We also tried a new-to-us casual Italian restaurant for dinner on Saturday night and that was fun (and not just because I got to eat all the carbs).  Sage enjoyed the food as much as my husband and I did and it was a fun family outing.  Also, we found out that my sister-in-law is having a girl and I’m so excited for them!!!  I had to miss the shower because of my cold, but they surprised everyone.  I started out thinking I was having a girl, but last night I had a dream that the doctor told me it was a boy.  I immediately told me husband, “we need a name!!!”.  We’ve got no name ideas for a boy because we liked the name Sage so much and never even came up with something that compared.  I promise baby if you are a boy that we will find a wonderful name for you!

I think that just about sums things up.  Let me know if there are any topics you want me to touch on this pregnancy.  I’d like to get a post on what I eat as a plant-based eater and day-in-the-life posts are always fun.  I swear I will try to get something more up here soon!

How are you?

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  1. Claire's pregnancy was the pregnancy of carbs too. And sugar. Ugh I ate so terribly! But nothing sounded good unless it was carbs. I tried packing lunch a few times with salad or chicken. I could not even eat it!

    That's funny about your dream. I wonder what the baby is!