Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 19 Weeks Update

Hi there!

I swear if I didn't make a point to write a weekly update the weeks would just zoom by me.    Just like Sage is zooming out of this picture.  He's a busy guy.

Weeks:  19 Weeks

Weight Gain:  Somewhere around 10 pounds…

My Body:  I’m feeling good.  I have been a bit congested lately, but I know that’s a symptom of pregnancy (and winter).  I’m loving all the movement I feel from baby lately.  I often feel the baby moving before I go to sleep.  I’ll feel him/her throughout the day too.  Sometimes I get so busy that I forget about baby, but when I take a moment and pause and I feel a little kick it brings me right into the moment.  Baby was definitely moving after I had a chocolate cupcake (or two) that I made for Valentine’s Day.

Cravings:  I could totally live off spaghetti topped with spicy tomato sauce.  There is a restaurant by us that has this delicious spicy tomato sauce and you can buy jars of the sauce at the grocery store.  My husband put a jar in the cart when we were shopping and I think I polished off half of it in a day over the weekend.  It is perfect sauce for dipping bread in or you can dump it over pasta if you like a spicy kick.  I put a big handful of spinach in my pasta dish for good measure.  I keep saying this weekly but food just does not have its charm this pregnancy.  All I want is bagels, PB&J, pasta dishes… I throw veggies in wherever I can.  I think I need to try some new recipes to spice things up a bit.  I’m just not digging the meals I typically love.

Sleep:  I was asleep by 9:30PM and I sleep hard.  Sage had one rough night of sleep over the weekend where my husband and I took shifts when he was waking up every two hours.  Teething?  Otherwise I generally sleep like a rock until morning except for when I have to get up to pee.

Best Moments:  It was a great weekend!  My husband was so sweet and surprised me at work with flowers and fruit/chocolate.  Totally made the end of the week workdays so much better.  On Friday night we went out for some Italian as a family and had such a nice time.  Sage did great at the restaurant thanks to the bread that he inhaled.  We tried a new diner on Saturday morning and Sage was the star.  He had all eyes on him and was waving to the waitresses.  What a little stud.  Also, BIG things happened around our house.  So much cleaning out!!!  My house looks so clean right now.  I probably could convince you that it always looks this good.  That’s my new goal though, to have a more clean-as-I-go style.  My husband worked so hard on the house and that in itself was an amazing Valentine’s Day gift.  Soon Sage will be in his new room and I can start really getting the baby’s room organized.

My next update will include a gender reveal as long as baby cooperates at my appointment next week!!!

Any vegetarian recipe ideas for me?  

How was your weekend?

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