Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 20 Weeks Update

Hi there!

I am officially 20 weeks along!  Halfway through this pregnancy and that’s just nuts to me.  I’m very excited to be at this point though.  Here’s what has been going on with me…

Weight Gain:  I am up 12 pounds!  I’m definitely noticing the weight gain and I know I probably have another 15-20 to put on.  I sort of forgot what it’s like to carry the extra weight.  I looked back at my update from last pregnancy though and I’m exactly where I was back then.  I think the weight just feels different this time around because I’m also picking up a toddler and more active playing with him.  I’m not coming home from work and planting myself on the couch.

My Body:  I’m feeling good!  I’m noticing my growing midsection more for sure.  I had an ultrasound on Monday and got to see our baby!  Baby is measuring a week ahead which may not really mean anything at all at this point, but if he/she wants to come a week early, I’m certainly ok with that.  It was a great appointment and I loved seeing baby move all around.  I feel movement every day and it is just so cool seeing it up on the screen.

Cravings:  Doing a bit better in this area or really I’m just making myself eat better.  I had grains and veggies for lunch on Monday and while it didn’t taste bad, it also didn’t taste like a bowl of pasta (which I could eat at every meal).  Dinner on Monday was tempeh BLTs (tempeh fried and then topped with Frank’s Red Hot plus avocado and vegenaise sandwiched in toasted wheat bread) with kale chips and a scoop of mac & cheese on the side.  That tasted great.  I still have a bagel every single morning.  I made banana blueberry muffins over the weekend for Sage to have for snacks, but I’ve been splitting one with him to start the day.  It’s hard to eat anything right when I wake up, but I find if I eat just a little something it gets me going and when I get to work I have my bagel.  Overall, food is still not that fantastic, but it’s not like I’m nauseous and can’t eat, so no complaints here.

Maternity Clothes:  Oh yes!  I’m wearing all my maternity pants and have been for months.  I totally embraced maternity clothes faster this round.  They just are so much more comfortable.

Sleep:  I slept well all week.  I have to get up to pee most nights typically once but then I’ve gotten right back to sleep.  There was one day where I was up at 4AM and never really got back to sleep.  No big deal though.  When Mr. Sage lets me sleep until at least 6 (and until 7 one day over the weekend) I feel very lucky!

Best Moments:  Sage is in his new room!  Hooray!!!  I just love his new room and it’s been so fun decorating it with wall decals.  We are doing a Winnie the Pooh theme.  We put up the alphabet in one corner and numbers in another.  We also had to put up a few owls because his favorite stuffed animal is a baby owl and he loves saying “owl!”.  He’s adjusted nicely and loves pointing out the bear and other animals on his wall.  Sage’s new thing is making animal noises and it’s so darn cute.  I’m so glad he’s happy in his new room.  The baby’s room is pretty setup since we left all the decorations (they are gender neutral – trees, hot air balloons, animals…).  I’m looking forward to cleaning the room, making a few changes and getting it nicely organized for baby.

I should absolutely mention that the best part of the week was finding out the gender.  We are surprising family this weekend so I won’t be sharing with you today, but check back soon because I promise I’ll announce in a few days.

Have a great rest of your week!


  1. Aww, that's so exciting that you found out the gender! Looking forward to the reveal :)

    I love your updates about Sage, so it'll be double wonderful to hear about the new little one. I just had my first a couple of weeks ago :)

  2. Oh my gosh, congratulations! I've been reading your blog for a year or so since I had my twins. I haven't visited for a couple months and now you're preggers, how wonderful. What a nice surprise.