Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Growing Bump, an Arm Cast & Lots of Cuddles


Where to begin this post... A big thing is the fact that my sweet boy got a cast on his arm, so I'll start there.  Last week Sage was sick two days.  He had a low-grade fever and just was out of sorts.  The doctor said it was something viral and by the weekend he was feeling much better.  As a working mama I never get to spend weekdays with my boy so even though he was sick I cherished being home with him.  We cuddled a lot and just hung out around the house.  He was such a trooper for being sick.

One of the days Sage was itching to get out of the house so we went to the playground right by our house.  I should preface this with the fact that Mr. Sage is a little daredevil.  He climbs on everything.  Toddler gym each weekend is heaven for him.  So anyways, while coming down a step (just a bit off the ground) he fell down.  He was upset (as was I because I hate to see him sad), but we sat on the steps and gathered ourselves.  It was hard to tell if Sage was upset because we were approaching nap time or if he was hurt.  Later that day we took him to the doctor and she didn't really think anything serious was wrong with his arm because he had full movement of the arm he fell on and he was playing with his toys.  The next night my husband and I took him to an orthopedic urgent care type place and Sage got x-rays.  It was determined that there wasn't a break and we were scheduled with an appointment with the doctor Monday midday.  Sage still had full motion of his right arm and was still climbing things, but we could tell he was trying not to much too much weight on his right arm.

The doctor determined on Monday that he had a minor fracture in his right elbow and wanted to put a cast on it.   She knew that as soon as he started feeling better he could potentially hurt it further because toddlers don't take it easy.  If it had been an adult, she said a sling would suffice, but a toddler needs added protection.  

Sage did such a great job as they put on the cast.  I feel sad that this happened.  The lady that put on his cast said she sees it all the time and it's common, but still, it's hard.  He's supposed to have the cast for three weeks so I hope the time goes fast for him and that he quickly acclimates to having it on.

In other news, my bump is growing!  I saw my belly move for the first time the other night.  I've been feeling movement for while, but this was serious movement.  Little guy was kicking or doing flips.  Hope he was having fun!  My appetite has been better too.  I actually started my day with a smoothie yesterday, then had overnight chia oats, then a quesadilla with black beans and other goods.  I don't just want pasta anymore!  

My sister-in-law had her baby girl last week (hurray!) and she's such a sweetie.  I can't wait to meet her.  I'm sure Sage will look like a giant next to her and I still consider him my baby.  I almost forgot to mention that Sage got his FIRST haircut over the weekend which makes him look so grown-up.  We went to a salon just for kids and it was so sweet to watch.  He looks like a little boy curls gone.

There was a lot in that post, but it's been a loaded few days.  Say lots of prayers Sage has a fast recovery!

What's your worst injury as a kid?  (My husband broke his leg, but I've only had stitches...)


  1. I love bump pictures. <33 You look really happy! Oh wow, my sister broke her wrist snowboarding, and her cast is the EXACT same color. How providential is that!

    1. Thanks Emily! I hope your sister's wrist healed fast!!!