Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 23 Weeks Update

Hi there!

Before I started writing this post, I read my 23 week update from my pregnancy with Sage.  I’ve gained close to the same amount of weight (up two extra pounds this round, but I started out thinner) and my symptom of heartburn has made a big appearance as it did with my first.  That was my strongest symptom in my first pregnancy at this time.  Last night Sage woke up crying around 11:30pm.  These days he typically will put himself right back to sleep, but I went in because it was an upset cry.  I rocked him in his chair for a few minutes and he was sleeping immediately.  I’m not even sure he was ever truly awake.  I soaked in the moments of cuddling with him.  It’s funny because there were months (and months) of me spending so much time with him in the night, but the times have changed.  He’s my baby that still got up 2-3 times each night until he was 9 months old (and then like MAGIC he started sleeping all night).  I hardly get any cuddle time with him these days because he’s always on the go so I really enjoyed having him in my arms.  The point of this little spiel is that at the same moment my heartburn was the worst it’s been.  I’m sure I can expect this symptom the rest of pregnancy, but I know it will disappear as soon as baby boy arrives.

This shirt does not capture the bump well...oops!

Food has been better lately!  I’m actually craving more salads, veggies and grains for a change.  I started out this morning with wheat toast smothered in a little bit of vegenaise and a whole lot of avocado.  It tasted fantastic.  I think I’ll stick with that because I felt really good after eating that.  I deal with blood sugar issues so I need to be mindful of what/when I eat.  If I start my day with something that is pure carbs I tend to feel a dip pretty soon after and get a little spacey.  It’s an unsettling feeling and since I fainted around this time with my first pregnancy, I definitely don’t want that happening again.

Overall, I’m really feeling quite well.  That being said though I’m a bit more uncomfortable this time around.  That has taken me by surprise because I guess in my mind I assumed that because my body has done this before it will be a breeze to do it again.  With the weight gain, I’m definitely starting to feel a bit more uncomfortable, but nothing major.  Lying in bed at night with pillows surrounding me is the best.  Sometimes during the day at the office I struggle to get comfortable in my chair and other times it is not an issue at all.

My belly has really popped and I love that.  It happens so quick.  I wouldn’t dare wear anything but maternity pants, leggings and sweats at this point.  I just found a few more spring/summer maternity tops in a pile in my closet that I can’t wait to start wearing.  They just went through the laundry so they’ll be making an appearance soon.  I’ve got dresses I’m looking forward to wearing too but the weather isn’t warm enough quite yet.  

Baby boy is the size of a grapefruit (says The Bump) this week and I can't wait to watch him grow!

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Glad you're feeling good! You look great :) I hope you have a splendid weekend <33

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