Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 21 Weeks Update

Hey hey hey!

Another week and another update.  I've officially jumped into the second half of pregnancy.  Baby is growing and I'm really feeling pregnant at this point.  I especially noticed it when walking up the stairs at work.  I'm feeling heavier.  My body is changing! 

Weeks:  21 weeks

My Body:  I’m feeling very good.  Feeling more energetic, but also tired by the end of the day.  I am ready to climb into bed as soon as Sage goes to sleep.  My worst symptom is heartburn, but this is nothing new.  I experienced heartburn with my first pregnancy.  It generally doesn’t bug me during the workday.  It’s typically after dinner that it kicks in and when I try to go to sleep at night.  Just got to stay away from Mexican food that I love so much.  I love feeling baby kicking.  He generally is most active right as I’m settling in for the night.  My husband got to feel some kicks this week.  Also, my skin has been so much better this time around!  I hesitate to say that because I know it could change at any moment, but it’s been so nice and glowing.  I’m enjoying it!

Cravings:  Pasta and Starbucks (decaf iced soy latte, please!).  On Sunday I got pasta out for lunch packed with veggies and then we needed a quick dinner so we had spaghetti.  It was heavenly.  Interestingly with all the pasta that day my heartburn didn’t act up at all.  Lately for breakfast I’ve been having sprouted grain cinnamon raisin toast with some sort of nut butter.  That tastes great.  I’m enjoying salads a little bit more.  Veggie burgers are another favorite.  I had two of those in the last week.  Extra pickles make those even better.  I still have no desire to eat tofu so that makes some of our typical dinners out of the question.  My husband and I often share a big bowl of rice krispies before bed while watching our TV shows and I find I sleep well with a little something in my stomach.

Sleep:  It’s been another good week of sleep.  I definitely toss and turn to stay comfortable, but I didn’t have any big spurts of insomnia.  Sage slept well too, which makes a good night sleep even better for me.

Best Moments:  We announced the gender!  We are so excited to have another boy.  I get so happy just thinking of Sage having a buddy.  We did a lot of birthday celebrating for my husband this week.  We went out for Italian on Thursday and then to Cheesecake Factory on Saturday.  Can you tell we like to celebrate birthdays with food?  Sage was not digging staying in his chair at Cheesecake Factory so we took turns walking around with him.  He stayed busy enough once food came so we could eat.  One of the best things over the weekend though was we all got outside because it was so beautiful on Sunday!  Sage has a friend across the street who is the same age and they hung out with us moms supervising (and by that I mean they both went into the neighbors' yards and played with dirt and sticks).  We all enjoyed the fresh air and then had some of our gender reveal cake.  Sunshine and cake, can’t go wrong. 

What's the weather doing by you?


  1. So many exciting things happening for you, yay!! The weather has been crazy where I live. Cold one day, warm the next. When is spring going to finally get here?!

    Edye //

  2. Whoa! Congrats on another boy! You'll have a whole crew of lovable boys now! You look great, by the way :-)