Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 26 Weeks Update (and Weekend Fun)

Hi there!

The start of the workweek was rough.  We had such a nice weekend and getting back in the swing of things Monday morning was certainly a challenge.  I got to work and found one of Sage’s truck magnets in my shirt.  I looked down at my round stomach and saw an object bulging from my shirt.  How that magnet made its way there, I definitely don’t have a clue.  Certainly a Monday morning thing.  Also, it’s winter again.  I made the mistake of not parking my car in the garage on Sunday night and Monday morning it was a winter wonderland.  I can’t really complain because it truly has been a very mild winter, but once April hits I don’t think it’s fair for snow to make an appearance, especially since we were already given a big glimpse of Spring.  Oh well…hopefully Spring will come back soon.

Thankfully getting out of bed was much easier this morning.  My husband and I went to bed at 9 o'clock last night.  Yay for lots of sleep!  I even did laundry and cleaned the kitchen when I got up this morning.  Amazing how little things can make me feel so accomplished.

Back to the weekend... Sage slept in until 8:30AM on Sunday morning.  Craziness!  He woke up rested and ready to take on the day.  I didn’t know what to do with all that extra time so my husband and I made a big Sunday morning breakfast.  Everything was prepped and I was ready to start cooking all before Sage was out of bed.  We then went to the mall for a few hours because we wanted to get out of the house, but the snow limited our options.  They have these car cart/stroller things at the mall which basically makes the experience for Sage.  He gets to feel like he is driving a car, we can store all of our stuff underneath it, and everyone has fun.  It was nice to get a little exercise (and Starbucks).

Grocery shopping didn’t happen until Sunday late afternoon.  With a blueberry bagel and Cookie Monster’s company, Sage was happy to join us.  I made faux chicken pattie sandwiches for dinner.  Avocado, vegenaise and buffalo sauce for toppings.  Delicious!  My hubby and I finished watching the movie The Night Before after Sage went to bed and suddenly it was Monday.  Love the weekends with my family.

Now onto my 26 week pregnancy update.  My last week of the second trimester…wow!  I really want to get baby boy’s room set up soon.  Sage has been settled in his new room for a while now which makes me so happy.  We need to put together the crib in the baby’s room (used to be Sage’s room) and then I pretty much just have a bunch of organizing to do.  I never really fully organized the closet before Sage arrived and I’d really like to do that this time around.  I also started typing up Sage’s food/schedule for family that will be watching him while we are in the hospital.  It makes me feel like I’m being productive just having things written up.

Weight:  Gained about 17 pounds.

Body:  Heartburn is the biggest symptom.  Definitely making more of an appearance and it’s hard to predict what will set it off.  I often find myself trying to fall asleep at night sitting up a bit to calm it.  My bump has really popped at this point.  I saw my reflection while we were walking the mall and no doubt about it that I look pregnant now.  With the second pregnancy I know how to expect my body changing, so it is not nearly as shocking.  I’m really enjoying it and I love watching the bump grow.  Lifting Sage is getting a bit harder.  My husband has been doing a lot more of the lifting him in and out of the car seat.  I especially notice my bump when I’m reading Sage books and he wants to sit in my lap.  I’ve been feeling very good other than fatigue.  I had a headache on Sunday and my sinuses were bugging me, but I’m sure that is more weather related than pregnancy.  I'm feeling lots of movement and I love every second of it.  The movements are very pronounced and my husband can feel them too.  Baby boy is doing flips or karate.

Cravings:  I was just reading my post from 26 weeks pregnant with Sage and wow does all the food I was making look good.  Makes me really want to step up my game right now!  Food is quite good these days.  I eat smaller portions, but more often.  Often my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  I made a quinoa salad with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing for lunch yesterday that was delicious.  I topped it with an avocado and dug in with chips.  I also bought another package of Silk dark chocolate almond milk so I can have that each morning.  It just sound really good when I first wake up.  Also, this ice cream is tasty.

Sleep:  I fall asleep really easily.  Put on a TV show and I’m out within ten minutes.  That being said, I toss and turn a lot in the night and have to get up to use the bathroom at least once.  Sleep really hasn’t been bad though.  Sage woke up in the night on Sunday and really I was more tired from that than anything pregnancy related.  I guess he’s prepping me a bit for when his brother arrives.

Best Moments:  Time with my family!  The workweeks are busy and go by in a flash.  I cherish the time with Sage and my hubby so much on the weekends.  Lately if Sage is with just me, he’ll want to know where daddy is, and vice versa if he’s with my husband.  He’s keeping tabs on us and it’s so sweet that he wants both of us hanging out with him.  Loves to be with his people!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Just continue to love reading these updates - you look great, sorry about the heartburn! Yuk! And the grocery pic of sage is too precious!