Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thoughts on Pregnancy #2

Today’s post is about my second pregnancy.  I truly just put my thoughts out there on how this pregnancy compares to my first.  In many ways it is quite similar, but it also has its differences.

It’s just different because it’s not all a surprise.  With my first pregnancy, everything that happened was new to me.  I had no idea what to expect.  My growing midsection is not a surprise nor are the other physical changes.  I’ve seen my body like this before.  It’s still miraculous and I’m still amazed every day by it, but I know a bit more what to expect.

I look at my son, Sage, each day and I’m just filled with gratitude.  I’m so excited for him to have a brother.  I’m excited for my husband and I of course, but I’m really excited for Sage.  That is a new feeling because obviously with baby #1 there was no sibling in the picture.  The whole sibling thing makes me so happy.  I have a brother and he was my best friend when I was little.

Giving up coffee (again) is no big deal.  I’ve had a few decafs this time around though.  I didn’t have a drop with my first pregnancy.

 Losing sleep from pregnancy (getting up to pee, tossing and turning to get comfortable, etc.) is nothing compared to how I know sleep will be with a newborn.  Sage didn’t sleep through the night until he was close to 10 months old so I really get it.  I’m typically asleep by 10PM and get up at 6AM.  I know to cherish this sleep.  I also know that no matter what kind of crazy sleep schedule baby boy #2 has me on when he arrives that I will survive.  My point is that I have zero complaints about pregnancy sleep issues this round.

I cherish my time with Sage.  I know our family dynamic is going to change with a second baby.  I know my attention will be divided.  I’m just enjoying this time with Sage when my husband and I can give him our undivided attention because this time – right now - is very a special time too.  

Food is not as fantastic with this pregnancy.  Overall food just doesn’t have the appeal I remember it having during my first.  I remember how my taste buds immediately changed as soon as I had Sage.  I’m just rolling with it, eating frequently, and doing the best I can to get the proper nutrition for me and baby.  This pregnancy sometimes I eat more because I know I need to eat something rather than I’m really craving it.  

I’ve learned to embrace my messy house.  I have an almost 20 month old who makes a mess.  He plays with a toy and drops it (we’re working on the whole cleaning up thing).  My goals these days are just keeping up with the kitchen and laundry.  My husband and I will do a full cleaning and I swear a day later you wouldn’t know it.  My house looks like kid central.  Yes, I absolutely want to do a deep clean before the baby arrives, but I also know that everything will not look perfect.

 I love maternity clothes even more this time around.  The first time it was a little scary (ok, 100% the wrong word, but it was a bit unsettling…sort of )  watching my body grow and gaining weight.  This time around I’m totally embracing it.  I know that my body needs to get bigger and I need to gain to provide for baby boy and I’m so happy to be doing it (again)!

I wonder if there’s any chance we can get Sage potty trained by the time baby boy arrives.  Any suggestions?  He’ll be close to two when baby boy arrives.

It’s really nice knowing all the unnecessary junk I don’t need to worry about acquiring.  With Sage I had no idea what we needed or really didn’t need.  I understood the basic necessities, but there is just so much baby stuff out there!  This time around there are a few new (or used and just new-to-me) things I’d like to acquire (swing, few more cloth diapers, maybe a bassinet), but other than that I want to keep it simple.  I did just order a sling to carry our newborn around in.  I’m excited about that because I never had one with Sage.  I had the fancy moby wrap that I had to watch You Tube just to get it on right.  I’m hoping the sling is a bit easier to get on and off, but does the trick.

My husband and I got to go on a date recently and it was so wonderful spending time just the two of us.  I know that we’ll have a lot less of that when baby #2 arrives so I want to make sure to get in more dates over the next few months.

I get excited thinking about running again.  I wasn’t running much when I got pregnant so it wasn’t something I was about to pick up during pregnancy.  That being said, I look forward to getting out there with baby #2 in the stroller (once he’s old enough).  I was slow to get back in a fitness routine after Sage and I have no idea how it will go this round, but regardless, I look forward to it.  I have BIG running goals.  It’s just fun to think about right now.

Feeling baby boy’s movement is still the best thing about pregnancy.  It’s my favorite part.  I just feel so connected to him like he’s saying, “hi mom!” every time I feel a kick or flutter.  Hi baby!

I wonder how Jax (our dog) is going to acclimate to baby #2.  He is just warming up to Sage.  He’s the sweetest dog but he certainly misses being the baby.

I am starting to think about how labor is going to go.  Will it be fast?  Will it take 27 hours again?  How will Sage do when we’re at the hospital?  How will Sage react to his brother?  Unanswered questions that only time will tell…

Tell me your thoughts!


  1. I love that you aren't stressed out over a messy house, and that you're cherishing your little one instead. <333 If I lived nearby, I could come over and clean.

  2. Isn't pregnancy the second time around so much different (and better, in my opinion). I think it was mainly because I knew what to expect, knew how amazing it was going to be and didn't have time to be that tired with a toddler around too!

  3. I love reading these thoughts. I'm so curious how my second time will be. I so hear you on "bad pregnancy sleep" that it doesnt even compare to the awful newborn/or 10 months of not sleeping stage. Food was also really weird for me my whole pregnancy but literally as soon as I had Claire, I had a pizza and had a real appetite back and everything was normal again. Except I still craved carbs like crazy for months after, but maybe that was breastfeeding? Who knows! I can't wait to look forward to the sibling factor.