Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 31 Weeks Update

Hey hey!

Another week flew by.  I probably start every post with that line, but it is absolutely the truth.  It was an eventful weekend.  Our neighborhood puts on a huge garage sale every year and we scored some pretty great stuff.  We found a really nice baby jumper for $20.  I remember that thing being such a lifesaver with Sage when I was trying to get anything done.  I’d put him in the jumper by the kitchen and get food going and he’d have a blast.  We also found Sage a desk which we were not looking for but it has turned out to be such a hit.  Sage just started coloring and he loves having a place to put his crayons and color.  It will go to good use for years.  I also found really cute work sandals at $3/pair.  Man you can’t go wrong with that deal.  I love deals like that because then I don’t care if something happens to the shoes or they get beat up.  

Saturday night was spent outdoors with our neighbors while Sage and his buddy who is the same age played until bed time.  None of us wanted to go in for dinner because the boys were doing so well playing together.  We all ended up eating in intervals in our driveway.  Sage slept well that night!  On Sunday we traveled to visit my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.  It was really nice to see family and Sage had a blast.  We only got a 30 minute nap out of him in the car, but luckily he was a happy guy the whole time.  He loved watching the big trucks pass by from his car seat.  Every time we’d pass a truck we’d hear “Truck!  Truck!” from the backseat.  Totally made his day.

I’m going to keep this update organized.  I had an appointment on Friday so I actually know my stats.  My appointments are bi-weekly now and I get to have my next sonogram in about a month.  Yay!

Weeks:  31 weeks

Weight Gained:  22 pounds

Body:  I’m feeling very good.  Definitely feeling the extra weight though.  I’ve been very inspired to get things in order around the house lately so quite often I find myself bouncing around the house with ease.  I’m not working out aside from playing with Sage and going on walks with the family and that feels just right for me.

Sleep:  I am sooo ready for sleep at night!  I have been falling asleep fast.  I also have been waking up 1-2 times to pee.  Luckily this week I fell back asleep quite quickly each time.  Sage slept in until 7:30 on Saturday and I haven’t stayed in bed that late in a really long time.  It was wonderful as I needed the extra rest.

Food:  I feel like food is just different this pregnancy.  I rarely wake up and eat anything immediately.  I still like to start each workday with either toast or a bagel.  I was on a smoothie kick (Shakeology, almond milk, almond butter, spinach, banana and ice) for most of last week.  We had a Blue Apron delivery and did so well with dinners last week.  Such an improvement for us!  I had another box delivered on Saturday.  Saturday night I made the udon noodle stir fry and we’ve got pizza and tostados for later this week.  Food all sounds quite delicious lately.  I haven’t had hardly any tofu this pregnancy though because it has not been appetizing to me.

Clothes:  All maternity clothes, every day.  I’m enjoying them.  Getting dressed is so much easier this pregnancy because my work allows casual dress.  I still like to look nice, but I definitely have been rocking a lot of maternity jeans.

Goals:  Continue to Spring clean the house.  More importantly though, just enjoy the time with Sage and my husband!  Sunday night I was working on getting everything ready for Monday and my husband told me take a pause and come hangout with Sage and him because they were painting with watercolors.  I’m so grateful for that reminder because it was such a special moment watching Sage paint for the first time.  Moments like that are the important stuff after all.

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  1. Well, you look fantastic! Loving the updates. And I love that little desk you guys found! What a perfect place for drawing and coloring. I think we need something like that for our basement.