Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sage: 21 Months Old (A Letter)


I sort of intended on Sage’s 18 month update being the last one I wrote for the blog, but here we are at 21 months and I feel like he’s grown and developed so much in the last three months.  I want to remember what this age is like and it is so nice to look back at these updates.  I hope you enjoy reading them too!  I’m going to do this update in the format of a letter because I really enjoy writing it.

Dear Sage,

You are just bursting with personality these days.  You’re so funny and such a loving little boy.  You’re lively and wake up each morning with a smile on your face and ready to take on the day.  These days you go to bed around 7:30 and get up between 6:30 and 7:30.  During the week, daddy and I are getting ready for work when you wake up and we hear you in your crib having a fabulous time chatting away to yourself.  You are very content to hangout in your crib for while in the morning before we come in to get you.  Most days we come in at 7 o’clock and you’re either relaxing with your blankie and stuffed animals or chatting away pointing out the animals on your wall and toys on your floor.  “Pooh!  Bear!  Dog!  Owl!  Ball!  Book!”  Your voice is the best sound in the world.  Your daddy and I love greeting you each morning.  It is definitely one of the very best moments of the workdays.  We soak up every second we get with you before it’s time for us to go to work and you to your sitter’s house.  You know the drill though and you happily get ready.  The very best mornings are when we have time to read books and play a little before it is time to go.

You fractured your elbow while at the playground about two months ago.  You wore a cast for three weeks and it didn’t slow you down a bit.  Your cast came off last month and you haven’t missed a beat.  You’re still our little climber.  You love the outdoors.  Playing in the sandbox, pushing around your car, pushing the wagon, pushing your bike, pushing your stroller.  Yes, you like to push everything and would much rather be pushing things than riding in them.  Although once in a while you’ll happily sit in your stroller or wagon and let us push you around.

Every morning you ask about Jax, our dog.  You are still his biggest fan and he’s warmed up to you a bit.  You give him big hugs and it’s so sweet to watch.  Jax puts up with the hugs, but he mostly just appreciates when you throw your food to him.  You have become much more independent and insist on things going your way more than you used to.  You’re learning to cope when everything doesn’t go your way and mommy and daddy are learning how to help you in the process.  Your best buddy lives across the street and you guys have gotten so much better at playing with each other.  You love to interact with one another as much as you love to take toys from one another.  We’re working on sharing.  Some days you do great with this and on others days you don’t want to share anything.  You’re learning though and we’re so proud of you for making small strides in this department.

You know so many words now that I have completely lost count.  You know a lot more than you say too.  I think you know every animal sound that I can think of.  My favorite will always be when we ask you what a bunny says and you wriggle your nose.  You got to meet a bunny earlier this month and you were in awe.  Every time you say “mommy” my heart bursts with joy.  You adore your parents attention and you’ll make yourself known when you want it by saying, “mommy!  daddy!”.  Your new favorite activity is coloring.  Daddy got you coloring books for the first time about a month ago and you now want to color every day.  We found you a wonderful desk at a garage sale recently and you have been so happy having a space of your own.  You also like to tell us which crayon we’re allowed to color with.  We’re working on colors and blue is definitely your favorite right now.  Coloring with chalk in the driveway is also great fun.

You’re making progess with counting and the alphabet.  Daddy and I will be saying the alphabet and suddenly you’ll say “p” or another letter in the correct order.  You constantly are surprising us with what you’re learning.  At night before bed when daddy is putting you to sleep I hear the two of you laughing together and that really is the best sound.  If I greet you in the morning, you immediately want to know where daddy is, but daddy tells me you’re the same way with asking for mommy when you’re with him.  Sometimes you favor one of us over the other and we joke that we’re then “the chosen one”.

Your favorite foods are yogurt, chia seed pudding, any kind of berry, pesto pasta, beans and rice with guacamole, spaghetti, toast with earth balance butter, veggie/fruit pouches, apples, grapes, mac and cheese with peas, pancakes, and egg sandwiches.  You keep us on our toes with eating.  Some days you put down more food than I can and others you take a bite for dinner.  You’re always ready for breakfast and lunch though.  You still drink plant-based milk before bed.  Your favorite is oat milk which makes mommy really happy because there is lots of nutritious goodness in it for you.

There are some changes around the corner for you, but daddy and I will be there every step of the way.  Summer will be here soon along with your baby brother.  We can’t wait to see you in that role.  We know it will be an adjustment, but you’re so full of love and you’re little brother is so lucky to have you.  Next fall you’ll be going to a new daycare, but we’ll tackle that when the time comes.  You’re changing so fast these days that I can’t even imagine what you’ll be like at two.

Thank you for giving me the best gift in the world, buddy.  We love you more than we can even express to you!

Love, Mommy

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