Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Is...

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was thinking about what this day means to me.  I think it’s a great day just to appreciate the people we love and all those wonderful people that love us back.  So I want to send lots of love to my family and friends today, and of course to you as well, my readers.

I like this day because I’ll admit, I love hearts, flowers, pink and red dresses, and I’ve always been (and always will be) a romantic.

  I had this Peanuts Comic book when I was little that I vaguely remember, but I know it talked about what love meant.  It was sayings like “Love is walking hand in hand” and each page had a picture of Charlie Brown and Snoopy or some of the other characters, and them demonstrating love.  Because after all, love is not just giving someone candy and flowers on this special day, it is so much more.

I thought it would nice to make a book like that one I had when I was little, but actually instead I’ll make it a list of things as they apply to my life.  I’m not trying to be too serious here, but just wanted to have a little fun.  My focus is just on life with my husband and pups. 

Love is…

Being kissed and hugged by your husband and dogs as soon as you get home from work.

Sitting down to a home cooked meal with your husband after a long work day.

Getting jumped on every morning in bed around 6AM by your dog as soon as he hears you start to wake up.

Listening to your husband and dogs sleeping on a Saturday morning while you read in bed.

Getting a compliment that you look nice today even though you really didn’t think so.

Stopping at the grocery store on your way home from work when you’d really rather not.

Cleaning the house together because it really does feel so good when you’re done.

Letting your dogs shed all over your clean house.

Walking your dogs in frigid temperatures because you know it will make them so happy.

Your husband taking out the garbage each week.

Knowing that after 9PM your wife is bound to fall asleep on the couch.

Being there for each other on really tough days.

Laughing hysterically together.

Cooking together.

Running errands together.

Watching favorite TV shows together.

Supporting each others goals.

Sending little texts throughout the day making the work day so much better.

Saying I love you every day.

Brother love
I hope you have a lovely day!  I’m definitely making vegan peanut butter cupcakes either today or sometime over the weekend.  My husband and I really want to go to the new Cheesecake Factory restaurant that just opened up by us, but I’m guessing the crowds might be crazy.  We’ll see! 

Tell me your “Love is…”


  1. Cute post! Love is definitely letting your furbabies shed all over the rug you just vacuumed <3

  2. These are all so sweet. Totally agree with the laughing hysterically one. Tyler and I actually did that this morning. I made us really strong coffees so I'm sure our goofiness was a direct result from the coffee, but I love that we had a good laugh together, all before 9am!!!!

  3. Great post! It is a great time to take stock of how full of love our lives really are!

    For me, love is sitting with my wife under a blanket on the couch with our dogs on top of us and our boys on the other side of the couch and chatting ...