Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow and Food


There is no way I would go outside in this crazy cold snowy weather as much as I do if it weren't for my dogs.  

  And for that I am thankful because they have more fun that words can describe when we're out in the snow together. 

I haven't been going on long walks, but I like to go to this open trail area by our house where they can just sprint back and forth.  It is absolutely worth bundling up to see their excitement.
I know I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to do more posts showing my typical food days.  Sorry, I didn't exactly follow through on that.  I have been eating lots of fantastic food and not sharing nearly enough with you.  I'm sharing my Monday eats with you.  Food on the weekend tends to be all over the place depending whether we go out or cook in.  On the weekends, I'll eat weird things such as Mac & Cheese at 10AM on a Sunday and then a lunch of quesadillas at 3PM (rice, black beans, daiya, and kale are my favorite makings).   However, during the workweek, I tend to stick to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks.  A bit more regimented.  Here I go!


Breakfast:  Quick Oats (GF) with chia seeds and cinnamon mixed in, topped with almonds, raisins, and a splash of dark chocolate almond milk.  I plan on having this for breakfast numerous times this week.  I felt really good after this breakfast and wasn't hungry an hour later like I am sometimes with just toast or cereal.

Snack:  Apple with peanut butter and some organic animal crackers on the side . This was my 10AM snack at work and got me to lunch at 12:30PM.

Lunch:  Tomato Basil Wrap with hummus, mozzarella daiya and baby spinach.  This picture does not do the wrap justice.  I loaded the inside with roasted red pepper hummus and spinach and melted the daiya on the wrap before wrapping it all together.

Second Lunch (or snack):  Clearly that wrap was not nearly enough food for lunch.  I was hungry again by 2PM, so I had half an organic cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter.  That hit the spot! 

Dinner:  Rice noodles with broccoli in a Thai peanut sauce.  I made lots so I'd have enough for lunch today.  Love when I have leftovers.

There you have it.  My food for the day.  I'd say this is pretty typical; although, some food days are very different from this.  Just depends on the week.

Hope your Tuesday is wonderful.  Mine started out very snowy.  That's what February is for though.

What's the best thing you ate yesterday? 

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