Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 35 Weeks


I read that baby boy won't grow longer at this point, he'll just be packing on the pounds.  I'm happy to eat plenty and help him with that!  I'm so happy to be at 35 weeks.  I feel like it could be any day now, but I think 39 weeks would be ideal.  Ha!  Like I have any say when he'll come, but we'll be waiting with loving arms, that's for sure.  At my doctor's appointment today, the doctor told me that he is head down, but hasn't entirely dropped yet.  In her words, "You've got another few weeks..." 

Weight: 24 pounds gained.  

Body:  I've had more random aches and pains in the last week.  My body is just trying to adjust to the added weight I'm carrying around.  My legs and feet are very tired by the end of the day.  I'm also running to the bathroom every 15 minutes it seems.  I swear that I'll sit down at my desk at work after just using the restroom and then have to go again.  Baby boy must be hanging out on my bladder.  Bending down seems near impossible at this point.   

His kicks have been really fun lately!  They are completely different than they were just a few months ago.  Many times I've seen a body part (not sure which) pushing out close to my ribs.  I've gotten some serious jabs.  He tends to be really active at night and I look forward to that time.  

We made homemade pesto pizza on 35 weeks.   Love those fresh tomatoes from our garden.

Cravings:  Watermelon has been the best thing ever.  It's been crazy hot outside and it hits the spot.  Grapes too.  I'm back on a kick with shakes each morning.  My husband and I bought way too much spinach (turns out it's possible) from the Farmer's Market last weekend, so every morning I put a few cups worth in a chocolate/peanut butter (or almond butter) shake.  I love the way spinach just disappears in the shake while giving me the green goodness.

I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie over the weekend!  It's one of my husband's favorites that he grew up eating, but I had never eaten it before.  Turns out it's absolutely delicious.  I followed a vegan recipe from Vegan Pie in the Sky.  It was about time I dug into that book.  I need to make the other pies in there for sure.  So Delicious vanilla coconut ice cream paired perfectly on top.

Sleep:  Tired by the end of the day for sure!  I didn't sleep much last Thursday as I was up from 1:30-4:30AM for no reason other than I just woke up and couldn't get quite comfortable enough.  Of course I fell back asleep hard around 4:30AM and had to be up by 7AM, so I was quite tired that work day.  Oh well.   Getting comfortable is a big challenge.  I'm constantly flipping from side to side throughout the night.  Once again, it's all to be expected at this point in pregnancy for sure.

Best Moments:  We found a sitter for our baby boy come fall when I go back to work.  It really all depends when baby boy arrives when I'll officially go back to work, but I'm planning (as much as I can really plan) sometime around Thanksgiving.  The young woman has a three old daughter and 10 month old little boy (perfect little playmate for our boy), and she lives five minutes from our house.  We are so happy to have found her.  I know it's going to be really hard leaving our baby boy when I first go back to work, so I plan to ease into it a little before going back by having him go maybe 1/2 day, one day/week at first to the babysitter.  Maybe I'll even join at first.  We'll play it by ear, but I think it would make things easier on me and baby boy.

My parents pup, Bailee.  Absolute sweetheart.

 The long weekend rocked.  We visited family for the 4th of July and then watched my parents dogs on Saturday.  They had a good time with my husband and I.  We took them to our favorite burger joint because there is outdoor seating.  I got the best veggie dog with fries and a side of vegan baked beans.  It truly doesn't get any better than that when it comes to summer food.

Sunday was filled with the farmer's market, hanging out on our deck, reading, and cooking/baking up a storm of deliciousness.  When Monday rolled around, I was tired.

Lastly, we finished decorating baby boy's room!  Well except for the curtains that we need to hang.  We added planes and hot air balloons wall decals and they complete the cuteness just right.  

Goals:  Clean the house (again).  I'm being a bit of a clean freak lately.  Stock up the freezer.  Get things more organized at work for when I go on maternity leave.  Put in the car seat.  I've packed our hospital bag for baby boy, now I just need to pack everything for my husband and I.     

We are so excited to meet you baby boy!!!


  1. Love reading these updates! You're getting so close! I hear you on the peeing part-- I never had this problem with my first, but I might as well just sit on the toilet 24/7 because I ALWAYS have to pee!

  2. Hey Allee! Hope your pregnancy is going great and you're enjoying summer! I feel like I'm getting close, but it feels far away at the same time haha!