Saturday, August 30, 2014

Naps, Playtime & Cookies

Hey hey hey!

I woke up this morning super tired.  Ironically I got the most sleep that I've had in weeks.  Sage slept from 1-6AM. Holy cow!  I slept then too but woke up sporadically to check on him.  Maybe I got too much sleep?  Doubtful.  I'm thinking my body is just catching up since I didn't get in a nap yesterday and was busy with errands.

Sage woke us up, but then really just wanted to cuddle in bed with his parents.  He doesn't like being in his crib (yet), but enjoyed laying on our bed.  He sleeps in his Rock n' Play for now.

After a few minutes we all decided to get up for the day.  The morning consisted of diaper changes, napping, and playing.  I even snuck in a little nap in the hopes that it would boost my energy.  

Sage is much more alert than he was just a week ago.  He's up a lot more too.  He still sleeps way more than he's up, however, he's up for two to three hour chunks of time now.  I can tell when he needs to go back to sleep because he starts to get super fussy.  He was mesmerized by the toy that my husband brought out for him.  That helped his mood.  (Jax is supervising in the background)

My husband and I snuck in a quick lunch together while Sage slept. Faux turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and vegenaise on wheat for me and then a cup of So Delicious coconut milk chocolate ice cream for dessert.  My appetite is back for sure!  At the end of my pregnancy sometimes food just didn't sound all that appealing, but let me tell you, food is wonderful now. And I'm hungry round-the-clock.  I assume my increased appetite is from breastfeeding.

Check out that awesome clothesline that my husband put up so that the cloth diapers can dry.  Perfecto!  We have now accumulated 16 cloth diapers and I'm really happy about that.  I didn't plan on using the cloth diapers this early on, but we ran out of disposables sooner than expected, and we ended up liking the cloth much better anyways.  We were having leaking issues with the disposables, but we don't have any issues like that with the cloth ones.  Woohoo!  I will definitely do a post on our cloth diapering system because I am really happy with it so far.

I read that we should start doing some tummy time with Sage, so my husband spent a few minutes with him on it.  He can't quite lift his head yet.  

Eventually Sage fell asleep again on my husband's chest and I took the opportunity to make some chocolate chip cookies.  We may be having a low key holiday weekend, but we definitely are going to enjoy some good eats.  Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven are truly the best.

Sage woke up as I was finishing baking the cookies so my husband took over. We've just fed and he is now sleeping my chest.  Moments like this are the most rewarding.  I can't believe our little boy is almost three weeks old!

I plan to start running again in another week.  I wanted to give myself a month of recovery after labor, but I am now getting antsy to get out there.  I want to go get a new pair of sneakers for a fresh start.  I'm excited to share my running journey after pregnancy.  

Look out for some upcoming posts on:

*Running after pregnancy

*Healthy simple eats (while caring for newborn)

*Pregnancy reflection and how it changed me 

How's your weekend?  Enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. OMG such cute pictures! Haven't commented in a while but have loved following the progress. Such an amazing time - laughed about Sage's schedule getting flipped upside down (exactly what happened with our first! So happy for you guys! :)